View Full Version : QteQ acrylic T-plate QT-081206

2009.07.04, 09:58 AM
I was testing with these yesterday and I noticed the entire rear pod shifted upward due to the thickness of the T-plates. As a result the rear tires tend to rub against a low body such as Enzo; and I have to lower the front of the car to compensate for the rear ride-height drop.. Does anybody have a solution? I already used the lowest axle height setting in the back.


2009.07.04, 10:23 AM
Interesting. I have not tested these. I will look into it further and relay the information over to QteQ...

2009.07.04, 10:35 AM
The H-plate being thicker should have nothing to do with the pod shifting up. Ultimately, the surface which the pod is mounting to the chassis through is the top of the H-Plate and not the bottom. Make sure that the H-plate is mounted flat on both surfaces, as this may be the source of this discrepancy. I just got done measuring with calipers and the bottom of my PN LCG pod is always at about 2.2 mm from the ground, when the chassis is laying on a flat surface, without any tires.

2009.07.04, 11:04 AM
OK I will check again. Maybe it's the Atomic LM mount making the pod looks like it's shifted upward. A customer here is very satisfied with these T-plates with Atomic 98mm pod.

2009.07.05, 12:38 AM
The LM motor pod sits low because it is meant to be run with a wheel diameter of just over 26mm. Most 20mm rims end up in the 23 to 24mm neighborhood with a tire.

I use a 21mm wheel with the LM pod, maybe a 21.5 would be worth a try.

The larger overall diameter also increases the size of the contact patch...