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2009.07.04, 01:16 PM
Hi all, I come from a 1/10th touring car background, so have found the transition to mini-z a little strange. My car's rear end is spinning out when coming out of corners. I'd put this down to tyre choice, but I've recently corrected this problem in my bigger cars on tarmac by increasing the ride height, and adding weights (it was rolling into corners).

Thing is, looking at it, I can't figure out how to increase the ride height on my 02, I can't seem to figure out how to set it up much at all. Can anyone point me in the right direction please.

2009.07.04, 04:17 PM
front ride height isn't really adjustable in the upward position (more clearance) unless you consider using inch up wheels (which are called inch ups or 21mm diameter at shops).

You may also want to check for t-plate "tweak". If the T-plate isn't level the rear end may not track straight or allow for good corner exit on power. You can shim the T-Plate to get the rear wheels planted level....

There are a couple other things that could affect spinning in corners but that is the most common. Take a look at that first and report back with the spec of your car to give us some other hints at problem areas.

2009.07.04, 04:40 PM
I think it's probably the t-plate, as it seems to raise the motor up too high. I don't know all that much about options for the z's, but I was think a spacer under the plate on the chassis end, to lower the motor mount, but this might end up giving me an F1 style "plank" to contend with.

2009.07.05, 11:42 AM
what is your current setup? this will help us to help you! 90% of the time it is tire choice but the other 10% can be 15 different things!! first make sure you have a good balance between the F+R tires ie running 30 rears but having 20 fronts will give you bad handling even though they can work on either end and are good tires. also make sure your body is not interfering with the front or rear tires when turning. if all else fails you may just have too much power and in that case turn your EPT down on the throttle. i normally have to run 53-58% in my mod car because of our loose track. a fast car does not mean fast times!

2009.07.05, 06:19 PM
i have the same problem

2009.07.06, 01:43 AM
IMHO, raising the car significantly is a bad thing to do for on-road Mini-Z's, especially in the rear end. We've noticed that dropping the motor just 1-2mm in the chassis makes a significant difference in improving cornering speed and reducing rear end chatter, so raising it up that much would decrease your performance potential significantly.

As Marcus said, most of the time you can fix a poor setup simply by changing tires. A good starting point for almost everyone is PN Racing 20deg slicks in front and Kyosho 20deg slicks in the rear, and adjust from there.

2009.07.06, 10:33 PM
The way you change ride height is in your motor mount if you have a after market one you change the inserts that hold the bearings. You usually get 2 pairs. This will change the height position of your Diff axel.

2009.07.07, 05:22 AM
I had the same problem for weeks.
Here's a list of things you need to check.

- Do the front wheels spin even or is one thighter then the other.
- H-plate tweak
- is your motor pod touching something. My windshield had come loose and was pressing onto the motorpod.
- Is there still oil in the shock
- If you have those little yellow spacers on the shock, are they still in the corect position.
- Are you using the same tire on both rear wheels (don't laugh, took me a while to figure this one out)
- And what gave me the most problems: Check your diff (stock). I had opened up the diff to lube the gears inside. What I accidently did was make a small cut in the plastic were the c-clips is holding the diff together. It sometimes grabbed the clip making it nog spinn good. Wet sanded it a little and put some teflon lube on it. Worked fine afterwards.
- Make sure your rear wheels spin nicely.

These are things I check when my car spins out.


2009.07.07, 07:31 AM
^ Just to add to LEDs motro pod comment, make sure your motor wires arent touching anything in their either :D