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2009.07.04, 03:36 PM
my mini 96 is on the way. wondering about set up. i know the 96 is narrow. so, how should i set up my awd? so far i hear 94mm. what tyres and degree? springs camber toe motor and ect. i don't have limitless items to choose from but i have a good variation. i don't want to buy anything for a while. so, a kinda "range" would be nice. most of the set up stuff i can find is for big tracks not babies or concrete. hook me up w/info.

mini z's combine to form.......... MEGA Z !!!!!!!!!:D
* im such a dork.:p

mr02 is appreciated too. thanx.[B][B]

2009.07.04, 08:57 PM
wouldnt you just set it up similar to the way you would on a big track and then just modify it

2009.07.04, 09:25 PM
oh, well never mind then, i knew that was a stupid question.
that's just it, i don't know. there's not as much room, more turns in a shorter run. the only 96 specific set up ive heard is 94 is better than 98 due to turning radius.
i can figure it out im sure but, i was after some one that has had this experience. id like to have the set up partially done at the time of most utter joy(track arrival). a friend in Malaysia said he regretted his purchase for two weeks until he got dialed in. i cant get in touch and i don't want a big headache. i want fun.
set up and understanding the principles behind it are complicated. i don't mind saying i still do not have a complete grasp of it. i understand about weight and traction but, am unclear as to what to do to take advantag of it in every situation.

2009.07.05, 03:08 AM
You could actually do 90mm on the Mini-96; pick a really low, small body like the F355 and you'll be golden.

The overall setup is going to be stiff since you need the car to rotate fast, and corner speed doesn't matter when everything's hairpins. You might also consider a front one-way to increase the amount of rotation you can get out of the rear-heavy 90mm AWD configuration.

You can also get away with really sticky tires since scrub isn't as important as having traction to accelerate. For example, you'd never think of using Kyosho 20 front tires on a large RCP track, but for Mini-96 it can be done, and can be really fast.

2009.07.05, 09:59 AM
your awesome Brian,:o
that's what i needed. I only got 2 stratos' in 90.:mad: and to be frank its going to be hard to let 'em out of there cages. they are some of my favorites, i mean retractable head lights? sweet. but ya gotta do what you gotta do.
its funny you say front one way. i actually started a thread about them. emu responded and set me straight. i put one in and HATED it. thing is squirrely at best. that's why i started these two threads. a thing that's just what the doctor ordered in one situation will make you want to throw a very fragile 600 dollor bill across the room in another.
whole things a shame though. between the 2 awd's ill have to go back to stock parts. there will be a pile of very expensive orange aluminum i my box.:(
o.k. so with what i have now i can get close. good news.
one more thing you mentioned tires. talk a little more about them.

2009.07.05, 01:08 PM
just saw that the statos is 86mm wb:mad: there goes my best shot. wish i had a couple white body vipers dodge shoot out anyone? still looking at what is a 90mm that's racy AND i can get my hands on. the Silvia is 90 and avail. probably high cg though. good lookin though. i could do a Skyline shoot out with the old school gpc 10 whatevers. you know the blue stripe one with the red striped brother. i think the red stripe one is hard to find.

:cool: heres something; get on grid for ps3 go to the branding section and paint a car. then get the same body and paint it for your mini z, i did this for my 1/10 and it is soooo sweet. it was hard to find a dbr9 1/10 and expensive. 45.00 for the body unshipped. now i need to do a z. they would be father and son. how cute.:D

2009.07.05, 03:30 PM
one more thing you mentioned tires. talk a little more about them.
Say please. :p

As I touched on in the last post, you can use really sticky front tires on a Mini-96 setup, since 1) you don't need to worry about traction roll much, and 2) you need to get in and get out of the corner fast. Generally you can go one or two steps softer, I think -- for example, I reserve a pair of Kyosho 20 front tires for use on the Mini-96, while I'd never go below K30 on a big track.

The rear tires typically are the same, maybe slightly harder. Kyosho 20 rear tires are perfectly fine; you might consider narrows instead of wides for more rotation.

2009.07.05, 03:58 PM
dude, you have been the biggest help.:) when i first got into these things i liked the scale appearance. now, i love the tuneability. i have a good set up book for touring gets into the principles. but its very dense. thanx for breaking it down.
now i have to go tear i tiny car down but, dont worry "we can rebuild it, make it stronger":D xelle