View Full Version : Future Wants: Two rare AutoScale bodies

2009.07.04, 03:36 PM
Hello there. As I'm not exactly ready to make purchase as I don't have the available funds at the moment, I'd thought I would post this here instead of in the Marketplace.

Name: Marc
Contact: Marccrx@aol.com, or PM
Locaion: Colorado Springs, CO.
Description: Wanting two autoscales

I will eventually be looking for two very rare AutoScale bodies that MUST be mint condition in original box. When the time is right, I'll be willing to pay up to 160 for each body. Any more than that and I might as well get another chassis! LOL!

Now that I just purchased the pearl white Murcielago, and will be getting the newly re-issued yellow and green Murcielago's, it would be nice to complete the collection with the black Murcielago. So that is car one.

Car two, will be the very rare, white/silver Porsche 911 GT3. I do not want a body that somebody took off their MR01 chassis. It must be original MIB AutoScale car.

Thing's are going better for me these day's, I'm almost clean and clear of debts. Still earning money from Dad, and I'd like to get back into the scene. I'm in the process of moving into a larger room in the house, and would like to fill it up with AutoScale collection. I plan on being very limited with chassis, I just want three, the limited edition MR2, AWD, and MR15 all done with 2.4 naturally. And the rest will be AutoScales.

After I've gotten my hands on the black Murcielago and white 911, I'll start hunting for the three Diablo's and all the Ferrari's I can get my hands on! This will be a slow process as I'm going to be very carefull with my budget this time around.

So heads up for those that have these two bodies in mint condition! Please keep me in mind, I want theme! As soon as I'm ready to make purcahse, I'll copy/past this in the Mini-Z Market thread!

Cool? Cool!