View Full Version : front one ways good or bad?

2009.07.04, 03:50 PM
don't see anything on the forums about this style of diff. i put on in and i HATE it. so, talk. why should i not throw it in the trash?:mad:
any input is appreciated.

2009.07.05, 12:07 AM
I like the way that it feels in the corners, I have yet to drive a car with more corner speed than my AWD had with the one way. I hate the way it feels on the straight. I pulled it, and replaced it with a ball diff, which is much more consistant. On a small track with no straight, I would use a one way... otherwise, a ball diff.

2009.07.05, 12:48 AM
you did an excellent job describing what i could not. real twitchy in the straights. let me ask you this; how do you drive a one way? is there something im maybe not doing right that way.

2009.07.05, 03:24 AM
You drive a one-way equipped car like a very loose 2WD car: roll it through the corners, brake to kick the tail loose, and for heaven's sake, "don't yank it!" :)

I too have a one-way on my mildly hopped-up MA010, and I love the feel. The only problem is that it's a bit of a hassle to maintain. Sometimes one outdrive will feel looser than the other, and the car can feel a little tweaked on the straight because of it.

2009.07.05, 10:19 AM
thnx again for sound advice,
i find that as many heads as you can get are better than one. no one i know does mini z. so, its hard to get feedback. the suspension is very different than 1/8 so, they are no help. yeah they try but, not very freakin hard, HA!
really though, what did you mean by your suggestive slang "yank it"?

2009.07.05, 10:26 AM
He means, to be smooth with the throttle and steering inputs. Dont just turn full lock, use the proportional steering and throttle that the cars are equipped with.

2009.07.05, 10:46 AM
oh yeah, most definitely. thats one of my mantras; throttle control , throttle control. you don't get a lot out of a car that's spinning out.

if kittens love mini z's and girls like kittens why am i so lonely?

2009.07.05, 06:23 PM
front one ways are great for drifting but i dont like them for racing