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2009.07.04, 04:42 PM
Basically, my personal account providers are messing me around like no tomorrow. So I am going to move Stafford over to my business account provider and everything should be fine and dandy.

This also means far less downtime! :D

I set the change in motion 10 minutes ago. There should be an empty folder there when it's complete in two hours or so. Then tomorrow I'll put the site back up and the update from the last meet.

Watch this space.

2009.07.05, 07:29 AM
Great to see it back Tom, let me know if you need any financial support.

2009.07.05, 09:48 AM
Lol finances aren't the issue Bri, cheers though. :)

If anything, they owe me money as I've just had to pay for next months hosting fees lol! I'm cutting off my service with them tomorrow and just running everything from my business account.

I've updated the site now:

Last meets piccies:

Last meets race results:

Overall results:

As you can see, Bri and Matt are now joint second with 108 points each! :D

Interesting stuff.

Finally - I've also listed us in google local business:


This will help get us more interest I think.

More updates to come later through the day...

2009.07.05, 10:17 AM
Member pages updated with season 6 HFAY results...

2009.07.05, 11:36 AM
Added a map to wildwood and a piccy of the place, for newcomers. The piccy of the map is a link to Google maps. Did this for the home page and next meet page.

I tried to edit other things but the way I programmed the site in 2007 is so inconvenient. Therefore, I'll be rebuilding the entire back end of the site to suit my most recent standards. You guys won't notice the difference but it'll significantly improve the search engine results, which aren't bad as it stands... ;)