View Full Version : RC Grip LX - Homemade track at Lisbon (Portugal)

2009.07.05, 07:17 PM
I know there aren't many Portuguese members here but I just came to show my own track anyway.
It's a very simple and fast circuit made from black carpet, fake grass and floormate foam insulation.
The track is located at my appartment, near the centre of Lisbon.

Here is my atempt at taking a panoramic picture of it:

The measurements are:
715cm long
265cm wide
60cm wide tile
5cm thick barriers

Hope to inspire more people with their own homebuilt tracks. :)

2009.07.05, 07:22 PM
it looks nice.

care to share details as to what ti's made of?

2009.07.05, 07:48 PM
It must be good to have your own track and the room to put it in. It looks good, well done, I hope you enjoy it and get a few people to come and race. It is better having someone to race with rather than doing laps by yourself.

2009.07.05, 09:08 PM
Thanks guys.
I will bring along some people to race, it's a private club but I want to organise events too since I got lots of trophies to give away. ;)
As for the materials question, I guess I could be more specific in the first post.
The floor is a normal industrial black carpet you can buy in any store, I was carefull not to choose a thick one so this is just 3mm high from rubber bottom to top, it's very grippy. :D
The green areas are fake grass with black plastic bottom to grip to the carpet, I chose this to force people into driving a right line. :p
The barriers are 5cm wide strips of cut blue insulation foam called "floormate", they're strong to stop a Z but soft enough not to damage it.
Since the carpet has a rubber bottom I don't use anything between it and the floor but to install the barriers I had to use plastic belts... 164 of them, took me 2 whole days of work just to do that. :o

I've been using my MR-02 with 98mm wb and recently started to try the 94mm setup, but I'm still getting used to it as I was really getting it with the 98mm. :)

2009.07.07, 02:10 AM
that looks cool... mind posting more pics? and perhaps a video please?

2009.07.08, 11:45 PM
You're right herman, I should have done that before I posted.
But I've been busy with other stuff that I haven't taken decent pictures yet.
I do need someone to borrow me a video camera since mine isn't working anymore... :(
I'll do that asap, my promiss. :)

2009.07.09, 02:10 AM
Great construction! Can't wait till RCP releases the Worm Rails and fake grass patches so that our US RCP tracks can also be as well decorated. :)

Looks like an extremely tight layout though, I think 90mm MM configuration would be the one to use here. :eek:

2009.07.09, 02:55 PM
I wanted to make it 80cm wide but unfortunatly the space was too limited for that so I had to go for 60cm to make a minimally interesting track.
But it's a matter of practice to get used to it, I've tried to run 102mm wb on it and I don't think it bothers me at all. :)