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2009.07.06, 04:40 PM
On the way 3D RC RACING 1.2.0! Fall 2009


We have been fixing and tweaking 3D RC RACING for the past 5 months. Along with a lot of core changes we have added new cars and tracks. Physics have been updated.

- One of the things we have been focused on is functional set up sheets for a few chassis.
- We are adding new cars.
- Cleaning up the backgrounds.
- Adding a few fully design tracks from the ground up.
- Adding LAN game play
- Multiplayer server is fixed
- Added a game launcher and updater that will allow users to comment and give feed back to solve issues right from the game. You will also be able to download content in 1 click to update 3D RC RACING.

The Full 3D RC RACING game is Free for all current users.

The demo has currently been updated to v 1.1.2 This adds some core changes in physics and run time issues for windows Vista and XP systems.


2009.07.07, 12:45 AM
The feel of the cars is definitely not there yet. :( There's a noticeable lag time between keyboard input and car output, as if you purposely turned down the steering and throttle speed to make the cars look smoother to drive. IMO that's not the way to go, I'm lifting off for the corners long before I'd lift off driving on the PN 2008 track in real life (and I've driven that track layout a LOT).

Collisions are also 3x slower than in real life, like the cars are supported by helium balloons when they go in the air... and the RCP rails flip the car when you touch them, even the GTP pan-style body.

Stock Motors also wind up a hell of a lot faster than they do in the game. :(

These three things definitely need fixing before the next release as the cars feel nothing like their real 1/28 counterparts. Though once you get used to the different physics in the game, the corner speed of the cars is almost right.

In this game, my fastest Stock-class lap on the PN 2008 track is 13.79, with regular times in the 14's. Meanwhile, in real life I was well below 11 seconds, so we've obviously got some ways to go. ;)