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2009.07.08, 10:42 AM
I have a couple of questions I need answered. First off, what is AD, ICS and AM? Also, I'm looking to buy and aftermarket transmitter for a non 2.4 mr02 that has more advanced tuning options, lcd screen, digital trim etc. But is not expensive like $100/$300. Any recommendations? Is it possible to run different cars using one transmitter (besides 2.4ghz)? Thanks in advance.

2009.07.08, 11:23 AM
AD and AM are different frequencies.ICS is the port on a 2.4ghz board,when connected to a pc can adjust some features(end points etc....).
I used to use a KT14 with my AM mini-z's it has an lcd screen,can hold 10 models in memory and has plenty of settings to mess with too.Tho one of those will set you back around $80 i would think.

2009.07.08, 09:04 PM
AD/FM also has a ICS port. If you are not looking to spend 100-300 dollars you have one option AM.

2009.07.08, 11:18 PM
What about the Futaba 2pl? I heard that's a pretty good radio. Or the Airtronics MX-A?

2009.07.09, 06:32 PM
Both of those are fine radios if you are running AM only. The aftermarket radios for AD and ASF involve buying certain types of radios that have plug in modules. Both KO, Futaba and Airtronics (M8 and M11 are Airtronics right?) have units that are high end in function that allow for plug in modules to run different frequencies such as 2.4ghz and AD band.

They are expensive for the hobbiest but hard core racers swear by them.