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2009.07.09, 07:12 PM
Was trying to hold out until the 26th but I've just been booked for a party so it has to be the 19th. Its short notice I know. Dont know where we will race just yet though. I know Tom cannt make it if anyone else cannt let me know quickly.

2009.07.10, 07:33 AM
I can make it. :) Work haven't asked me in for Sunday. :D See you then!

2009.07.13, 06:49 AM
i will be there brian need to know the venue before saturday :)

2009.07.13, 08:54 AM
If you let me know too Bri, I can put a notice on the shop front door.

2009.07.15, 12:35 AM
Hi Bri, how much space is needed for the tracks, as if you haven't found anywhere yet, the new shop might have enough space, we'd have to spread out over the two floors, but there should be enough space for what's needed.

2009.07.15, 06:47 PM
Hi Bri, how much space is needed for the tracks, as if you haven't found anywhere yet, the new shop might have enough space, we'd have to spread out over the two floors, but there should be enough space for what's needed.

Thanks for the offer......but I've decided we'll race at my house!!!!!!!!!!!:eek: for your future reference a minimum of 6m x 5m is required for HFAY tracks

2009.07.15, 07:49 PM
Back Garden Marquee
24 Merrivale Road

From 1300hrs to 2000hrs (shorter then normal to please the missus)

3.00/racer, (this should cover refreshments and the HFAY Season 8 joining fee I've just paid), newcomers free.

Racing Mini Zs, Xmods, Iwavers and Mini Z F1's.

Club Champs first up, then HFAY Season 8 Races 1 & 2 (Racer & F1 series) finishing the evening with a "night " race.....so bring your light kit bodies.

The club champs race will be a unique experience :cool:

Now very unusual for our club..... practice will commence at one o'clock :eek:(1300hrs if you're in the SAS).... because the track, computer, timing & sound systems will already be set up.

Space is limited so the early birds will have the choice of the best pit stations. Please don't forget your extension leads.

At the end of the evening....its pack your boxes and go.... No track to pack up in fact nothing to pack up :D

The only downside will be that the track is restricted to "2 wide L's" and no separate practice track.

The club shop will be there and I've a feeling you might have to spend some money ;)

Bring your own food & drink, although hot dogs are included in the entrance fee.

2009.07.16, 03:53 AM
Will try to get there, but it's a bedworth summer series series again, so will be sometime between 4 and 5 by the time I get there. I'll measure up the shop when I get there later this morning to see if there's enough space, I think there is, but it would be a case of bring your own chair.

2009.07.16, 10:24 AM
Flippin 'eck! It'll be a squeeze! Should be interesting though. I'm up for a 3.00 club fee.

Will this be a regular thing?

I'll update the site tonigt...

2009.07.16, 11:41 PM
thanks brian for the postcode looks easyer to get to than the normal venue no sunday shoppers to fight through :D

2009.07.17, 08:03 PM
Will this be a regular thing?

No ....couldn't get Wildwood or Perkins... other places available but cost to much.

2009.07.19, 06:24 AM
Was going to ask when you said in your back garden, but what it is a wet race, as it appears to be raining at the mo'. I have a couple of sets of wet tyres, but they're 1/10th scale, don't think they'd fit my Z

2009.07.19, 04:49 PM
Good meet! Only two burgers though. Outraged!

Updated the site. Lovely and easy now. :D

Here's the meets piccies:


Here's the CC results:


And the overall standings:


No one has moved and Matt and Bri are still equal third! :D

2009.07.19, 05:05 PM
Was a good day today, although I thought the F1's we're going to be part of the club thing, or are they not included in the overall points at the mo'?

About next meet, I definitely won't be able to make the weekend of the 28th as me and Sam will be in Manchester pretty much all that week.

2009.07.20, 03:00 AM
Na, the racer series were the CC and the F1 was a suggestion of mine that didn't take. I was going to do a four way points split, but perhaps another month. :p

2009.07.20, 04:55 AM
ah, np, well can I suggest something then. rather than change the rules mid season, which wouldn't be fair (ok that means we might just have to hand you the championship now), we use the scores from both racer and f1 from 2010.

I'm not exactly sure how the points system works for the club, but at the Stafford big car club, we run over an 11 week season, with your best 7 scores to count, so after the 7 week, you have to do your maths to figure out where you are and where you might finish.

As far as the Racer side goes, I think you have that in the bag Tom, but F1 seems really wide open at the mo', so might make it that much more interesting for everyone involved, course now that I've said that, you'll start winning everything in that too ya git :p

2009.07.20, 08:14 AM
Yeah, that's a good suggestion because it will also encourage F1 racing at the club which there is a serious lack of.

I've taken on board your suggestion and will implement something similar to your F1 idea next season.

2009.07.20, 08:30 AM
In that case I need to tell you a little more about how it works as the points awarding system is totally different

1st place gets 100 points,
2nd place gets 99 points,
3rd place gets 98 points etc etc

Now, normally the FTD person gets an extra point, but I'm suggesting awarding that extra point to the person who finishes first in both racer and f1 in any one event giving them an extra 2 points so over a 11 week period with the 7 best weeks to count, we all score round about 2,800 per year which I know is a big number, but it's because the gap between each position is so small, that it opens it all up a bit more so if you we're to win again next year, you'd have to work a lot harder than previous years, but it also allows everyone the opportunity to miss a race by going on holiday.

even thinking about it now, it's going to take some working out, as I think we'll need 4 sets of scores per meeting, as we don't always use the same class of car, or go the same way around, so it would mean that there would be 402 points up for grabs at each meeting, assuming you win every single club race. It's something that the computer would have to work out, as I'm getting a headache now just thinking about it.

2009.07.21, 08:49 AM
thanks for a great days racing as always :) thanks for supling the venue brian :D

2009.07.21, 05:30 PM
That's a tad complicated Sarah. I think we'll stick to our F1 points structure as I can't see any potential or big bennefits of that system.

Still, cheers for the F1 idea. Tis Top!

2009.07.23, 04:49 AM
well on a club night at stafford big club, it's normally a lot simpler, as we race 4 times on the same track, so you can only get a max of 101 points on the the night, so maybe awarding the same numbers of points for each race normally would work, but then translating them into the finishing points would work.

BTW, the next round of the Schumacher BTCC is at Stafford this Sunday (racing from about 9am) so if you want to see some good, 1/10th touring car races, come along this weekend.