View Full Version : MM and RM body question

2009.07.11, 08:04 PM
I need to get a new body and motor mount (because I don't like RM, and want to use MM). According to Atomicmods body compatibility chart I can use any body whether my chassis is rm or mm. For example, If my car was mm and I wanted to use the Takata Dome NSX, would that work? Also what is an agile body for racing, like on a mini 96?

2009.07.11, 11:48 PM
as far as i understand the bodies will mostly all fit the standard 94-98mm bodies in either rm or mm except for some of the lower profile bodies you might run into problems

2009.07.12, 12:29 AM
First of all, for Mini-96 racing you might actually want to look for 90mm wheelbase bodies. Now that PN has the 90MM motor mount on the market, the 90mm bodies can become the basis for extremely agile, aggressive setups for small tracks.

As for RM/MM in general, it's just a matter of having the right T-plate and motor mount, and having that T-plate in the right holes in the chassis -- you can run nearly every 94-98mm Mini-Z body with the proper MM motor mount. ;)

2009.07.12, 08:32 AM
Thanks for the replies, I understand now. I'll look into 90mm bodies.