View Full Version : Fall of '09

2009.07.12, 09:51 AM
Hello there. I haven't been racing with you guy's in a while and I'd like to come by and visit. I've been keeping track of your web site, but nothing has been announced for this year yet.
Are you still racing? Are we still at the same location? And when is your next event? I'd like to stop by and say hello and watch.
Also, have you started a Dnano class?

2009.07.17, 09:15 PM
Anybody locally reading these forums? Ghost Rider are you out there?

Davey Jones
2009.08.18, 06:18 AM
Hey marc

You didn't show up at all this last race season.
We are haveing a tough time keeping the doors open
we don't get enough racers to make it worth our time.
but the fall schedule is up 1st race is Sept. 19th
doors open at 8:00am and racing starts at 10:00am
and we are at the same local.
No Dnano class

2009.10.01, 08:11 AM
Sorry I missed the 19th, I plan on coming down as soon as I get my AWD built.