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2009.07.15, 08:40 AM
If you come across any pages displaying funny, press control and F5 on the page to refresh the page with the latest content.


I did say I was going to completely re-program the back end of the site to make it more search engine friendly. Well, whilst I was at it, I changed the layout too!

As the website is continuously expanding, the old layout was gradually becoming no longer suitable as the content was out-growing it. This meant I had to create a more fluid look to better suit its rapid growth.

Hope you like!


Because I have re-programmed the way the website works you will need to update your bookmarks as the old links are now invalid.

I've also changed a whole array of other things:

New home page look
New SMZR CC Layouts
Points drops now visable in the SMZR CC
New Picture Gallery Layouts
New Video Gallery Layouts (No more youtube hosting either)
New contact us page
A link to the RSR forum in the side

The new style of navigation means the site can expand even more too!

I have been paralell running this site against the old version for days now and I think I have ironed out all the issues. However, there's a pretty good chance there are still a few about so if you see any, let me know! :D

I've also added a link to mini mod racing at the top as our "official UK dealer" and in return, they've offered us a 5% club discount when ever we want to order. :D

2009.07.15, 02:16 PM
Looks good & works well...I like all the improvements and enhancements too...nice one Tom

2009.07.15, 06:53 PM
Your the "tops" Tom great work:)

2009.07.16, 11:34 PM
looks good tom how about a link to the hfay site :)

2009.07.17, 06:56 AM
There's one there somewhere... I am in the processing of writing an FAQ though, which will contain a link. :)

2009.07.28, 01:31 PM
A new addition to the site: Printable versions... I've setup a header and footer to format the page in a printable format. I've only applied this to pages that we may print...

Frequencies and the SMZR CC... I know Bri keeps a copy of the frequencies... :)

Stafford Mini Z Racers: Club Championships Rules and Regulations (http://staffordminizracers.co.uk/club_championships/rules_and_regulations)

Stafford Mini Z Racers: Frequencies (http://staffordminizracers.co.uk/frequencies)

2009.07.28, 05:28 PM
Now added:

Mini-Z FAQ (http://staffordminizracers.co.uk/mini-z_faq/)

I copied and pasted some of this from a thread I made a while back and have added more and up to date information.

I've also added some pictures and some FAQ relevant to race day!

Have a read, let me know of any typo's or Q's that you think I've missed...