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2009.07.17, 07:34 AM
Join us for another Ann Arbor Mini-Z GTG on SATURDAY July 18th, 2009. Bring your Mini-Zs, Iwavers, XMods, Micro-Ts, and Epochs, etc.

New people are welcome as always! Everyone is friendly and helpful and we have lots of fun! :)

NOTE: here's the easy to remember URL to keep up to date with our events: http://www.mini-zracer.com/annarbor

Please bring $10 to cover the cost of the race night (one fee for the whole night of practice and racing - a great value!).
Reminder: You can now pay your entry fees online (http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=19617&cat=485&page=1).

The event starts at 6pm and is in Ypsilanti, MI (just southeast of Ann Arbor). The address is:
3140 Carpenter, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Reminder that Dojo 4 is now 3140 Carpenter - park around the back of the building and use the back door.

Get your orders into http://Shop.TinyRC.com early and you can choose to pick it up at the GTG this Friday to save on shipping costs.

Post here to let us know what time you plan to come and what time you need to leave.


This is the 1st race of HFAY OLPS Season 8!

We will be doing HFAY OLPS Season 8 Race #1 (http://hfay.tinyrc.com/PointSeries/Season8/RacerPointSeries/S8RacerEvent1/tabid/174/Default.aspx).


-Mini-Z :) :cool:

2009.07.17, 07:42 AM
By the way, I picked 7 because that's what we usually do on Fridays - please let me know your feedback - I'd be happy to start earlier, but only if other people are going to show up. :)

2009.07.17, 09:27 AM
Saturdays now?!

Hmm I will be in ann arbor for other reasons tomarrow... might stop in :) Wonder if my MR02 still works... never did sell it as planned. Guess I better get fixing those wires from the MR01 PCB I am using!

But I will be in the area way earlier than 7 I think... unless the tournament I am in takes that long with all the people that are showing up... I will be at "fun 4 all" games/collectables store playing HeroScape... hey its a fun game.

Hmm... if anyone wants to buy a Mini 96 track, with addon sets... I could bring it by... I could use the cash... although I might need the track soon for my racing/rental service I am hopeing to do, although it is just SlotCars now, I hope to add in Dnano rentals... if so I will just buy another set from RCP...

Would me doing 1 hayfay race hinder or help the dojo score average?! lol........ asuming it was an ok speed. ;)

2009.07.17, 10:03 AM
I should be able to make it a little earlier. I'm going to the big Airshow ( http://www.yankeeairmuseum.org/airshow ) with Will, and possibly Carlos, but can come by as soon as it's over. Maybe 6?

2009.07.17, 10:13 AM
Cool - 6 it is then - if you guys aren't there by 6:15pm though, it'll be double Dojo chores all around! :D

2009.07.17, 12:02 PM
The games we play last an hour, if we add a game or remove a game based on how many show up (changes the eliminations in tournament)... it could be from 5 to 7 my event ends...

I am thinking of bringing the slot car track, get peoples oppinions on it... maybe you can decide weather or not to stock this product line. (Have a large table to set it up on?)

I also have to make sure I know where the new dojo is, you moved twice since I was there last :)

And..... AIR SHOW?! :)
David you need to sell some micro Kyosho planes at the airshow ;)

2009.07.19, 07:34 PM
Guys, I totally forgot to collect entry fees (http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=19617&cat=485&page=1) last night - if everyone could pay online (http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=19617&cat=485&page=1) I'd appreciate it big time - if not, we'll sort it out on Friday - thanks! :)