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2009.07.17, 12:51 PM
I waned to be able to balnance my car weight-wise. I hooked the chassis on my mill, and drilled shallow 1mm holes, front and rear. I tucked two sewing pins into my working stand (a $2 whiteboard earaser), and whalla, I can balance the car!

Photos here (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/album.php?u=11533)

2009.07.17, 03:18 PM
Very nice. For what it's worth though, you didn't need to drill the rear hole, you could have put the pin right into that screw head in the middle of the P28's rear pod. :)

2009.07.17, 03:51 PM
True enough, but then again, how would I brag about aligning the chassis in the mill, and drilling these neet holes...

2009.07.17, 04:15 PM
what we do in 1/10th touring, is to put a set of scales under one wheel, and somthing of the same height under the other wheels and move the scale round, or use 4 sets of scales. I'm looking into making something to do this in one unit, as I've done a search, and can't anything like it.

2009.07.18, 02:49 AM
Great idea!
I have the right scale for it, and it might give more accurate results (and help shifiting balance front/rear, which I can't do now).
What it takes is a base that with slots that can take the scale or the bulk post, so that you can move the sclae right/left, and then trun it around to move the scale from front to rear.