View Full Version : any plans for updates?

2009.07.22, 02:22 PM
....Like building the mains from qualifying ?

It would be great to use the program more automatically for sorting out the mains from the qualifiers.

any ideas of progress on that?

2009.07.22, 05:18 PM
Absolutely, our club actively uses this software and I will continue to maintain and enhance it. I know updates have slowed down a lot as I was putting them out every 2 weeks but I am still slowly working on things.

In regards to the sorting of events I have done some preliminary work but still have not even landed on a GUI layout that I like yet let alone any real coding behind it other than basic property definitions. Unless I get a large chunk of spare time to work on it, it is unlikely I will have a release of this feature in the next few months.

I have created a separate code branch for this work so I can continue to patch and do small enhancements to the main version that is released while I work on this larger update for event management.

2009.07.28, 09:29 PM