View Full Version : Bench Racing at its Best

2009.07.23, 10:32 PM
Cubic $$$$, Items made from a precious metal called Unobtainium. Lets hear your favorite story about someone who was known as a bench racer. You know, the guy who shows up with every tool imaginable, even the ones nobody ever thought of until this guy. Maybe has a video replay of his complete cars run and does a training tape going over his errors, and of coarse yours, trackside while in a big race or even a little track championship. Maybe some guy has a one off car, never been seen before, throws the black towel on it for secrecy as his setup is a national treasure? Everyone knows someone like this. No names, just the facts man.

So join BRA, Bench Racers Anonymous and lets get to know each other.

By the way, My name is Thom, and yes, I am a bench racer.