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2009.07.25, 03:03 PM
I will be 3 hours late... I lost my job at work because someone came back and it turns out they had reserved his job for him... So now someone lost their job, taking someone elses job, taking my job!

However, they did offer me an alternative shift pattern so I had no choice. So I'm now working until 3pm on Sundays and will come over straight from work each month. So no more than three hours late.

It sucks, but oh well aye. These things happen and I'm sure it wont be forever!

I also can't make August 16th - out of the country. :p

2009.07.27, 11:04 AM
I might have to knock the mini-z on the head for a while to concentrate on my other racing which has suffered recently.

Every bit of my electrics died on me in the wet yesterday, so I only got 13 laps in in the end, using a much slower motor than I allowed to (sorry, I was legal running this motor, but I could have ran a faster one had I wanted to).

So now I've got to fix / replace / upgrade most of my electrics, which is really expensive in tenth.

2009.07.30, 07:19 AM
does this mean tony will be late aswell :eek:

2009.07.30, 08:01 AM
Not sure yet. I asked him and he said "he'll see on the day"... :rolleyes:

2009.07.31, 03:48 PM
no worrys i will bed the track in for you :)while i do 28 time trials :D

2009.08.01, 09:37 AM
Cheers Matt! :rolleyes: :D :p