View Full Version : Imat track system

2009.07.25, 06:53 PM
just wondering if the Iwaiver Imat track system is compatable w/ the RCP track system? They have some pretty cool jumps and bridges. You can go to the toy east web site if you haven't seen them yet.

2009.07.26, 03:11 PM
The Imat tiles are 40 cm. wide versus RCP that has 50 cm. and 30 cm. tiles. But you can use the jumps. If you set the jumps up with a RCP bump tile on one side you can wedge them in place. Unfortunately the Overlands did not work well with these jumps, though the Losi Micro-T/Desert Truck did work much better.

I posted some pictures showing this setup a long while back:

I really wish RCP would release a product like this....