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2009.07.28, 07:09 AM
bridge setup
I got the Ilap for Atlanta Miniz and love the software. Rc scoring pro.
In the Miniz cut the the 1/10 scale connector and replaced with a GiroZ plug. I have never missed a lap but I did notice some phantom counting in the next lap. The bridge is built to spec per the manual. A quick improvement was to move the last sensor in more. Track is 40 inch wide with 3 sensors.
It was still catching some phantom counts in the next lane on slower drivers.
fast driver fast lap was 4.9 seconds and the timer min lap is set at 4.7 currently.

Should I lower the bridge to minimum spec or below? or reduce the sensor spacing more?

2009.07.28, 09:55 AM
Rather than moving the sensor in more, a small shield made from an index card or similar can help block signals from the adjacent lane. Attach it to the bridge next to the last sensor, extending down. Trim the card on the bottom. It should touch an imaginary line from the lane barrier to the sensor on the board (the black dot in the middle. You can also fine tune it, running cars on both lanes.

Bridge placement also comes into play. Putting it in a spot where the adjacent lane is closer from a driving distance perspective will help. This will make the adjacent passings come quicker so they fall under the minimum lap time and get discarded.

I would change your minimum time to 1 second below the fastest time, .2 seconds is cutting it too close. You don't want an especially fast valid lap to get ignored.

Please let me know if this helps.

By the way, we now have transponders with the same connector as Giro pre-installed, as well as the matching harnesses for the battery tabs and ICS connectors.


2009.07.29, 07:16 PM
thankyou for the ideas.
The bridge location is dictated by the HFAY race series for MiniZ.

I will definately order the transponders with the small connector if our club re-expands.