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2009.07.30, 12:27 AM
If anyone is wondering, YES this is related to the Autoscale Lineup thread that arch2b started as a work in progress. Before going out to get the part #'s for every body, readyset, etc. ever made I thought that it would be good for us workers to know exactly what we have to look for. Thus I have the following incomplete list of Kyosho Autoscales and their color schemes. If you know of any Kyosho Autoscale body or a particular color scheme for an Autoscale that I have not covered in this list, please post a reply with the make and model, and part # (optional) if you happen to have it. This will be a giant step towards properly cataloging the massive range of Autoscale bodies that Kyosho has released in the last 10 years of Mini-Z history.

Thanks in advance, everyone!

Alfa Romeo


Blue, Red


Red, Silver, Black

Aston Martin


Gulf, Jet Alliance, Aston Martin Racing, Vitaphone



Team Abt, Red Bull

TT Coupe

Silver, Blue, Black

TT 3.2 Quattro S-Line

Silver, Black


M3 GTR Street Version

Silver, Black


Red, Silver, Black


Silver, Metallic Blue



White, Black



Police, Taxi

Corvette C5-R

2000, 2002

Monte Carlo NASCAR

Kevin Harvick '06



Silver, Magnesium

PT Cruiser

Gold, Blue, Silver



Red, Silver


Viper GTS-R

Red, Blue, Raceline, Eclipse

Ram 1500

Gun Metallic, Metallic Red, Metallic Blue



White, Yellow



Red, Yellow, Metallic Blue

360 Modena

Red, Yellow, Silver, Black


Red, Yellow, Scuderia Ecosse


Red, Yellow

F430 GT

White Test, Scuderia Ecosse

575 Maranello

Red, Silver


Red, Yellow, GPC Sport, AF Corse

612 Scaglietti

Red, Blue


Red, Yellow


Red, Yellow


Red, Red Test, Yellow, Black, Black Test, White


Red, Yellow, Blue


Red, Black

246GT Dino

Red, Yellow

250 GTO

Red, Yellow


Red, Yellow

248 F1

No. 5, No. 6


No. 2


No. 2


No. 2


No. 1, No. 2


No. 1, No. 2


Focus RS WRC

2001, 2002

Mustang GT

Blue, Silver


Carl Edwards '05


Red, Silver, Blue, Yellow, White, Black


Red, Black



Red, Silver, Yellow

S2000 2F2F



Light Metallic Blue

Mugen Odyssey

Pearl Black, Pearl White, Silver


Castrol, Mugen, Loctite, Takata


GZox, Mobil 1, Takata


Epson, Takata


Test, Epson, Takata

NSX Super GT '07

Test, Takata, Arta



Red, Sand Yellow


White, Metallic Gray, Black, Yellow



Black, Yellow


Countach LP400

Orange, Yellow

Countach LP500S

Blue, Red, Black SP

Diablo VT

Yellow, Red, Black

Jota SVR

Red, Red (Circuit Wolf)


Green, Yellow, White, Black



Alitalia ’77, Pirelli ‘78

Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione

Martini, Martini Monte Carlo, White, Red, Yellow


SC430 Super GT

Test, Open Interface


Europa Special

Black, White (Circuit Wolf), Green

Mini-Z Monster

Mad Force

Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 40th Anniv. Chrome

Mad Killer

Type 1, 2, 3, 4



Red, Gunmetal, White (Ryosuke)


Red, Blue, White, Yellow (Kyosuke)


Renown, Mazda, Efini


F1 LM/GTR (short tail)

Orange, Silver, FINA, Gulf, Ueno Clinic

F1 GTR '97

Lark, Gulf, FINA


No. 3, No. 4


No. 3, No. 4


No. 5, No. 6


No. 9, No. 10


No. 1, No. 2



D2, Warnsteiner, Original-Teile


AMG, Vodafone


Silver, Black


Silver, Black


Cooper [Classic]

Blue, Green, Red, White, Monte Carlo

Cooper S

Dark Silver, Dark Silver w/ check roof, Blue, Blue w/ Union Jack, Red, Red w/ Union Jack, Yellow w/ check roof, Green


Evo VI Tommi Makinen

Silver, Red, White, Red (No. 7)



Evo VII 2F2F

Lime Green

Evo X

White, Red, Blue, Endless

Pajero Evolution 2003

No. 200, No. 206


Red, White, Paris-Dakar No. 200, Paris-Dakar No. 201



Red, Silver, Blue

350Z S-Tune

Silver, Black, White

350Z JGTC ‘03


350Z JGTC ‘04

Motul, Calsonic

350Z JGTC ‘05

Xanavi, Calsonic, GZox, Test

350Z Super GT ‘07

Xanavi, Autech, Calsonic

Silvia R-Tune

Nismo, Coppermix

Skyline GT-R KPGC10

Blue, Red

Skyline GT-R R32

Gunmetal, Pearl Red, Silver

Skyline GT-R R32 N1/Group A

White, Calsonic (1990), Calsonic (Chrome Blue), Calsonic (1991), Taisan (1993), Reebok (1990), UNISIA, No. 1T, Nissan No. 23, Nissan Racing School, BP Oil, FET Sports, Taisan (1991), Napolex, Nikki Kyoseri, Reebok (1991), Trampio

Skyline GT-R R34

Jade, White, Red, Blue, Metallic Blue, Silver, Police, 2F2F

Skyline GT-R R34 JGTC ‘00

Xanavi, Calsonic?

Skyline GT-R R34 JGTC ‘02

Xanavi, Calsonic

Skyline GT-R R34 JGTC ‘03


GT-R R35

Red, Silver, Titanium Grey, White, Motul

GT-R Super GT ‘08

Xanavi, Autech, Calsonic, Woodone Clarion


911 GT3 (996)

Red, Silver, Yellow

911 GT3R (996)


911 GT3RS (996)

White 2002

934 RSR

Vaillant, Jagermeister, Red, Black

935 Turbo

Martini, Jagermeister, White

962C LH

Taka-Q, Rothmans, Kenwood, Nisseki

962C KH

Advan, From A, Rothmans

Cayenne Turbo

Silver, Black


Cobra 427

Blue, Silver

Cobra Daytona Coupe

Blue, Red


WRX STI Version V

White, Blue

Impreza WRC 2002



White, Blue, Black, SRTJ ‘07

WRX STI 2008

White, Blue (Subaru), Black


Altezza 280T

Blue, White, Yellow

AE86 Trueno

Red, White, White (Takumi, early), White (Takumi, Late)

AE86 Trueno Formula D

Falken, Retaks

Vitz RS

Blue, Red, Silver


Black, White, Silver


Black, White, Metallic Grey

Supra JGTC ‘02

Esso, AU Cerumo, Tokuhon Tom’s

Supra JGTC ‘03

Esso, Woodone

Supra JGTC ‘04

Dynacity, Woodone


No. 20


White, Silver

Land Cruiser 100

White, Silver


Astra BTCC

VX Racing


New Beetle

Yellow, Silver, Red

Golf GTI

Red, White

Golf R32

Blue, Silver

Baja Buggy

FB Yellow, Flare Red, Flare Blue

2009.07.30, 11:44 AM
excellent list!

please help us help you :)

i know we have some die hard autoscale collectors amongst us, we could really use your help in completing our documentation that will be available here for everyones reference and use.

2009.07.30, 11:53 AM
For the Porsches:

911 GT3 (996)

Red - part # MZC6R-B
Silver - part # MZC6S-B
Yellow - part # MZC6Y-B

911 GT3R

Taisan - Part # MZC32TS-B

911 GT3 RS (996)

white body - part # MZB20WT

934 RSR

Valiant is misspelled, should be Vaillant - part # MZX116V
Jagermeister - part # ?
Red - part # MZX116R
Black - part # MZX116BK

962C LH

White body - part # MZN301
Taka-Q - part # ?
Rothmans - part # MZX322PR
Kenwood - part # MZX322KR
Nisseki - part # MZX322NT

962C KH

Advan - part # MZX326AD
From A - part # MZP326FA
Rothmans - part # MZX326RA

935 Turbo

Martini - part # MZX114M
Jagermeister - part # MZX114J
White - part # MZX114W

Ford GT40's:

Red - part # MZG209RB
Silver - part # ?
Blue - part # MZG209BL-B
Yellow - part # MZX209YS
White - part # MZX209W
Black - part # MZX209BKS



2009.07.30, 12:42 PM
Ford Focus RS WRC 2002
part# MZC29W2

Lotus Europa Spacial (British Green)
part# MZG40BG

Lotus europa black
part# MZG40BK

FERRARI 246GT Dino Yellow
part# MZG41Y-B

FERRARI 246GT Dino Red
part# MZG41R-B

part# MZG101S-B

part# MZG30GL-B

2009.07.30, 03:19 PM
I am not sure I saw in the list

Skyline r32 - blue chrome
Skyline r34 - silver.

2009.07.31, 04:11 AM
List updated -- Thanks for the input so far, guys, and please keep it coming!

Francis -- As you might imagine, the Skylines I will need a lot of help with. I believe there are 3 or 4 Calsonic R32's just by themselves -- the original one, then the chrome, then the re-release, and now the special edition AWD version? I have much to investigate. But thanks for letting me know about the silver R34.

2009.07.31, 10:25 AM
You forgot the 962 LH white body in the update...


2009.07.31, 03:11 PM
Unpainted bodies don't matter -- I'm just looking for the Autoscales. :) Unless that MZN number you gave me corresponds to an Autoscale I don't know about... :confused:

2009.07.31, 03:18 PM
Unpainted bodies don't matter -- I'm just looking for the Autoscales.

OK, but you have the 911 GT3 RS (996) white body listed? :confused:


2009.07.31, 04:08 PM
There is a Porsche 911 GT3RS Autoscale, it is No.MZG32SM. It is white with silver, grey and dark gray graphics.

2009.07.31, 06:31 PM
there is a very good thread (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31886&highlight=calsonic+skyline) just on calsonic skyines. there is a surprising number of these.

2009.07.31, 07:21 PM
heres a list thats on kyoshos site http://www.kyosho.com/eng/products/rc/body_lineup.html?series_index_id=50001&series_group_id=100003&s1=&s2=&s3=&s4=&s5=&s6=&s7=&s8= hope it helps

2009.07.31, 08:02 PM
it's a good start but it does not have them all especially any of the older bodies.

2009.08.02, 03:00 AM
look this - Russian Mini-Z Club collection (http://www.mini-z.ru/collection_mini-z/)

2009.08.02, 03:31 AM
Wow, Zino, that is excellent. :eek: Lots of bodies I've completely missed. Thanks! I'll update my list tomorrow with all the new info.

2009.08.02, 09:29 AM
yes, great site! the most complete i've ever seen. it appears to have most of not all of the 1st generation bodies as well.

2009.08.04, 03:18 AM
Ok, have updated the list as per Zino's link. That took quite a while. Please keep the links and info flowing in, I'm sure there are some now-obscure older bodies still missing. :) Thanks!

2009.08.04, 07:42 PM
i found some http://www.saltlakemini-z.com/forum/index.php?action=tpmod;dl=get7 its in pdf form

2009.08.05, 04:46 AM
I think I've covered all of those by now -- thanks though!

2009.08.06, 07:37 AM
Thanks for a flatter estimation of my site Mini-Z.ru (http://www.mini-z.ru/).
I did not allocate the bodies for chassis Mini-Z MR-01 in separate section. All bodies of the first series are in section Mini-Z MR-015.

Unfortunately there is no qualitative photo of Mini-Z F Jordan Honda 2001 in Deutsche Post (http://www.ultimatecarpage.com/images/large/235/Jordan-EJ11-Honda_7.jpg) colours in our collection.

If someone has the photo of this body I will be very grateful.
If you have found absence of any body I kindly ask to add it.

2009.08.11, 01:40 AM

2009.09.24, 12:13 AM
After some hiatus, I've finally got the base for this project laid down. As far as I know I'm allowed to make this public, so here it is:


The Wiki page was done because the entire ASC collection is obviously too much for one or two people to handle. Arch2b and I agree that for future convenience it'll be good to have a database that can be edited by those who know what they are doing. Obviously that means someone will have to check on it every so often but it should make the overall job easier.

For now, I ask that please nobody edit this Wiki page except for Arch and myself, but I did have a purpose in showing you guys this page. I'd like to ask for everyone's opinion regarding how this database should be formatted. Please check out the Wiki page if you haven't already, and take a look at the singular Enzo Ferrari example that I've already provided part numbers and pictures for. Is this a satisfactory formatting method, or is there a better one that we should adopt before adding more entries to this database? I'm not a regular Wiki editor myself so I don't know all the tricks yet, and so far it seems to be difficult to post pictures inline like we do on the forums here.

So please, any comments, insights, and suggestions would be welcome. And of course, look forward to seeing this database take shape! :)

2009.10.30, 05:03 AM
What I noticed is that the Jordan and Williams F1's are missing :) other than that, I think it's a really awesome list.. :D

2009.10.31, 01:53 AM
I unfortunately have no info on them -- I know they exist but have neither suitable pictures or part #'s on them. Does anyone have anything to help me out here?

2010.02.04, 03:02 PM
It would be good to add in the wheelbase numbers and F/R offsets on each body...and perhaps general handling characteristics. I think if this portion of the wiki was openned up to everyone, it can be filled out pretty quickly.

2010.02.05, 12:15 AM
Haven't had time to pay attention to this... :o I updated the Enzo entry according to your suggestions, this seems like a pretty good idea.


So with that said (and I'm pretty busy too), let's open up this project and let anybody who wants to contribute, contribute. For now, just use the Enzo entry as a formatting example to model your entries after -- if we need to change later, we can do that at anytime.

If you have pictures, please PM me the URL and let me know which body they are of, so I can upload them on the TinyRC server. They do not have to be Kyosho pictures, but they had better be very clear pics with good lighting, of mint-condition bodies, and of a reasonable resolution (640x480 or thereabouts). Black or white background preferred.

I'm curious to see how this project will end up. :)

2010.02.05, 01:27 AM
it would be nice to see a picture of the actual body (preferably an official kyosho release... so that more or less it would be a standard size...

and probably a release date?

2010.02.10, 09:24 PM
I honestly don't know how to format Wikipedia to make small thumbnails. :o Someone's gonna have to help me with that when we finally gather all the pictures.

I've got data for over half of the ASC's now, can somebody step up and fill in some more? Please make sure the data is accurate -- I'm using Ben Lee's Mini-Z Guide when I can't find the data from Kyosho's website itself.

Also, if you have first-hand experience driving a particular body, feel free to contribute concise handling impressions to this database. Most of my handling impressions are based on the body being driven by another racer, so they may be off a bit. Thanks! :)

2010.02.11, 01:21 AM
click below for a link to...
autoscale bodies running characteristics (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8421&highlight=autoscale+running+characteristics)

was done waaay back and needs to be updated... most bodies were tested by tango... a mini-z racer in h.k. and so experiences views and opinions are his own...

2010.02.11, 03:05 PM
I remember that thing, herman, but it's long gone.. :(

2010.02.12, 01:03 AM
not really... thank God for cut and paste... (post #12)
it's really old (circa 2004) and needs to be updated... there have been lots of bodys produced since then... :D

here's the text of the link i supplied above... taken from a h.k. mini-z site... all reviews made by tango.... enjoy...


Should be a bit late to give a post about the above topic, but still, such information is needed if the player is a serious racer. But, only on running characters, not including it's durable or not, it's good look or not...

First divide in 2 groups, Normal wheelbase & Wide wheelbase.

1. Normal Wheelbase:

1.1 R34 GTR V spec--
Adv: Can run quite stable among tracks, especially those fast tracks with fast corners.
Dis: Not enough response in sharp turn or slow corners.

1.2 Lancer Evolution 6.5--
Adv: Over all control is excellent, have very good steering response on any corners
Dis: Easy go up-side-down especially on sharp corner & extreme fast corners, due to high Center-of-Gravity.

1.3 Impreza WRX STi R--
Adv, Quite similiar to Lancer, but not as good steering response as Lancer.
Dis: Understeer in fast corner. Also like Lancer, easy go up-side-down while going into extreme fast corners.

1.4 Viper GTS-R--
Adv: As stable as R34 GTR, but more steering response on sharp corners
Dis: Among normal wheelbase, the running characterisitcs is nearly perfect.

1.5 S2000--
Adv: Good cornering response, stable in straight, too.
Dis: Quite easy to have oversteer or 4 wheel drift, not enough downforce in the rear.

1.6 Audi TT--
Adv: Very good cornering response
Dis: Too good steering, very easy to spin.

1.7 Porsche 996 GT3--
Adv: Good cornering, stable straight.
Dis: As Viper, nearly perfect.

1.8 Tureno Sprinter AE86--
Adv: Good cornering
Dis: Easy oversteer, not stable enough in fast corner, not enough downforce at the rear.

1.9 RX7 FC7 Infini III--
Adv: Good Cornering, stable in straight
Dis: Oversteer at fast corners, not enough downforce

1.10 Altezza 280 T--
Adv: Stable straight, stable corner
Dis: Oversteer in fast corner, easy to turn up-side-down in fast corner, too.

1.11 KPGC 10 GTR Racing--
Adv: Good cornering, stable straight.
Dis: Easy turn-up-down in fast corners. Understeer in fast corner, too.

1.12 BMW Z8--
Adv: Stable corner, stable straight
Dis: Oversteer in hi-speed corner. Not enough downforce at rear.

1.13 Vitz 1.5 RS--
Adv: Very good cornering.
Dis: Easy turn up-side-down due to super high location of Center-of-Gravity. Oversteer in fast corner, too.

1.14 VW New Beetle--
Adv: Good cornering.
Dis: A bit like Vitz, but not as easy turn up-side-down as Vitz.

1.15 Lancia Stratos--
Adv: Very good steering response, very stable at most time
Dis: Too nervous when going into sharp turn after hi-speed section.

1.16 Honda Fit--
Adv: Light weight & good cornering
Dis: As Vitz

1.17 FD7 RX7--
Adv: Very stable & very good cornering
Dis: Weak front spoiler, crack easily after crash.

1.18 206--
Adv: Very good cornering with LWB & high mount
Dis: Need some modify to avoid scratching the front fender while lowered ride height. And, easy to turn up-side down in hi speed corners.

2. Wide wheelbase

2.1 Benz CLK DTM Touring Car--
Adv: Very Stable.
Dis: Quite a understeer shell, espcially in those sharp corners after hi-speed section. Also will turn up-side-down in fast corners.

Adv: Very good steering response. Stable straight ways.
Dis: Easy oversteer or 4 wheel drift in sharp corners after hi-sped section.

2.3 Ferrari 360 Modena--
Adv: Very good steering response. Stable straight ways.
Dis. Easy oversteer in fast corner, not enough downforce.

2.4 Ferrari 355--
Adv: Very good cornering, stable.
Dis: Need to have modification for installation of rear & roll shocks.

2.5 Ferrari F40--
Adv: Stable, good cornering
Dis: A lot of shell modification work to make the shell work on the car.

2.6 JGTC NSX 2002--
Adv: Very stable, Very good cornering
Dis: Need to modifiy the front shell mount to avoid front wheel from touching the fender.
But, don't forget this is for reference only, some modification can made on the shells in order cure the weakness.

2.7 JGTC Supra
Adv: Stable as benz, fast cornering as NSX
Dis: Need to modifiy the rear diffuser to avoid touching motor mount.

2.8 Corvette C5R
Adv: Super good cornering, Super stable
Dis: Nil, can't find at the moment.

Adv: Very stable
Dis: A bit push compare with NSX, but sharper the CLK DTM. Need to lift up L-clip & front mount a little bit to avoid rubbing the fender & rear damper.


2010.02.12, 04:27 AM
Thanks for the info, herman, I must've missed it on my quick glimpse through... :o

I guess the trouble with interpreting this guy's results is that 1) there was no 90mm or 94mm Mid-Mount system yet, so the cars were either RM or HM; and 2) the speeds they race at on Ozite are completely different to the speeds we race at on RCP, so the relative handling characteristics will be completely changed (an aggressive body at low speeds often becomes unstable at high speeds, and a sluggish one at low speeds is better at higher speeds).

I'll take the man's word for it, but with some judgment regarding certain bodies' transition from Ozite to RCP. For example, The R34 GT-R street version is considered a decent body on Ozite but the higher grip of RCP makes it a traction-roll monster. Certain things like that will change the "race-worthiness" of a body on different surfaces, and since this Wiki is geared towards the RCP crowd here in America (does anyone have any objections?), the guide should reflect that.

2010.02.14, 10:17 PM
hmm... good point... as review was done by a h.k. driver racing on a carpet/ozite like surface...

2010.02.19, 11:59 AM
I'm using Ben Lee's Mini-Z Guide when I can't find the data from Kyosho's website itself.

B, can't recall if we've already discussed this, but, I know I mentioned what we were doing to benmlee in the past and it sounded like he might be interested in helping - give him a shout for me if you could? :)