View Full Version : RACING AGAIN!!!!!!! Tuesday Night

2009.08.02, 12:35 AM
COME ONE GUYS!!! I'm a newbie that needs some competition!! Come on down Tuesday Night and let's RACE!!! :DShow me what ya got!!!:eek:
I'll be ready to race stock---don't know if anyone wants to race modified, but I could be the moving chicane!!!:rolleyes::D

2009.08.03, 11:02 PM
SOo-- None of the old guys think they can keep up with me huh??? Guess you'll never know -- I AM a former national champion in 1/12 scale-- musta scared all the regulars off!! Oh well--- we've got a new Mini Z track going in down in Lake Forest--So. OC--then we'll have to schedule some series racing between them and the AZ boys I know well!! Maybe even get some of the San Jose' crew to come out and play.
We'll be doing some promoting and racing soon-- This stuff is too cheap and fun not to be able to get some newbies into it!!!
CYA at the races !!

2009.08.05, 10:49 AM
Allrighty then---

thanks to Grant for all the tuning help--and the driving practice with him on the track I'm getting more comfortable. I'll be race ready soon-- we just gotta get some newbies going so we can have races again. I know the Gyro crew is talking about getting a track going too--so soon we'll have Matshushima's in Upland and Gyro in Lake Forest! Their about 50 miles apart--one in the Inland Empire and the other in So Orange County!! Should be perfect to get TWO tracks going with series racing in the future!! For now---let's get back out to Grant Matshushima's track in Upland and race!!! I'll be stopping by hopefully Thursday night to hit it with one of the old regular stocker guys-- Maybe that's a good night for other regulars's to come back out and play??
Let's race!!