View Full Version : Are you a left hand driver????

2009.08.02, 02:44 PM
HEY---I'll have to get Grant Matshushima to post some pictures--- but we were able to make a VERY simple modified "left hand" drive radio out of a stock 2.4 Kyosho radio. It's EASY if you have a dremmel and a drill--and some long bolts to make a stand.

Step 1-- pull the rear pad portion off the transmitter-

2-- take all the screws out of the radio-- and seperate the halves

3-- be careful -- the antenae will fall off--it's a simple wire inside of a rubber ducky --washers on each side--and the spring return for the battery release will fall out. Both are easy to replace.

4-- now--take all the screws off of the board --and below --you will find the wheel pot is held complete on a board with 4 screws. First--take the screw from the center of the steering wheel and pull the wheel off. Then remove the 4 screws holding the board on--and you'll have the steering wheel and pot in your hand.

5-- Un-solder the wheel pot--being careful to note where the black and red wires go--the middle wire is white--it's the signal wire.

6--Now--you'll need some 1" long screws that will thread through the steering wheel board, and enough nuts to "double nut" the bolts.

7-- Now--using the back of the transmitter's --"back plate"--we'll drill holes to line up with the steering module bolts we've put in. Then--make a hole for the steering module pot--so it sticks through the back plate--now using the bolts and double nuts- bolt your steering wheel to the back plate.

8-- Now re-solder your wires in place on the pot--and pop the back plate back on!

9-- You'll need to put a small screw--left over from the steering pot screws--into the steering wheel board below the return spring arm for a "Stop" for the steering wheel as you left that on the front side of the radio.

NOW-- You have a LEFT HANDED RADIO!!!! Much easier to drive using your left hand to steer--and your right hand for throttle. Like a REAL CAR!!!
I'll get Grant to post some pictures to make this easier to see!!!