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2009.08.04, 09:14 PM
http://www.mini-z.ru/wp-content/gallery/2008/body/mr-015rm/thumbs/thumbs_Nissan%20Skyline%20Super%20Silhouette%20198 2-1983%20later%20version.jpg

landon this was the car i saw for sell i thought was wicked

2009.08.04, 10:39 PM
You can get those on the ebay. Its a Nissan Skyline. They are really cool, I picked one up a few months ago. I think it was about 30 bucks and cost 9 bucks to ship from Japan. There are two versions, the one in the pic is the later version, there is also and earlier version that looks a little different and has different wheels.

2009.08.05, 07:12 AM
It looks pretty crazy Chad. You should definitely hit up eBay store Hobby Japan, and look at all the cool Z bodies hes got. Im sure he will have this one, along with many other similar oddities. I think there is even on old trans am floating around :D

2009.08.05, 07:17 AM
when we ran a 015 class one of the locals here raced that body.. its a good body, drove pretty good on the track

2009.08.05, 08:44 AM
i saw it on ebay a few weeks ago but forgot what it was until i found the russian mini z site that had alot of bodys listed. anyone know if its gloss coated?

2009.08.05, 11:03 AM
yea its gloss coated hers a link to the older version http://cgi.*******om/Skyline-Super-Silhouette-Former-Kyosho-Mini-Z-SKYNET_W0QQitemZ370232427085QQcmdZViewItemQQptZRad io_Control_Vehicles?hash=item563392824d&_trksid=p4634.c0.m14.l1262