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2009.08.05, 03:09 PM
Greetings to all the members,

First of all THREE CHEERS to the administators & the members of the forum.

CRAZY FOR CARS is what i can say about myself. As of now I am a 1/10th racer. Me & my friends are love-struck with the awesome miniz's. We have decided to set up an rcp track, But we need help from all you experts in deciding the specifications of the cars apt for the race.

Correct us if we are wrong - we have shortlisted on buying the 2.4ghz MR-02 2wd MM chassis with racer bodies. All your inputs & suggestions are valued.

Thank You
You guys ROCK

2009.08.05, 03:14 PM
Welcome to mini-z racer forum :) That's a great place to start with racing mini-z's.With bearings and some decent tyres you will be ready to race on rcp.Have fun exploring the forum too :)

2009.08.05, 04:25 PM
what part of india are you in????
im in chennai!

2009.08.06, 02:27 AM
I am in MYSORE

2009.08.06, 02:40 AM
you might want to do a search on a member who goes by andreophile as his username...
he is in bombay, india... how far is that from chennai? er just checked... it's about 1031 km. now that must be a bummer...

anyway... when just starting out, i say keeping it pretty simple (basically stock) would appeal to a wider base of potential racers... that way it kinda levels the playing field for everybody...

eventually you will be bitten by the speed bug and will want every available hop up part available... try to refrain from this at the moment, ah but seeing that you have come from the 1/10th scale scene, i am assuming that you have had some racing experience...
so getting hop up parts will be eventually inevitable...

first things to look at are....
-tires... get grippy tires... probably kyosho 20 up front and 10 in rears...
- bearings
- h-plate
- ball diff
- x-speed motor or equivalent...

it's good that you are considering the 2.4ghz asf mini-z's...

i've been on the mini-z on these forums since 2001... and thus far it's their best offering... and i hear kyosho is coming out with a mr-03....

and that's about it at the moment...

good luck... and welcome to the forums...

2009.08.19, 08:40 AM
Just wondering how things are going with your group. I wonder how much RCP you have?

For what it worth the Stock LM bodies on 2.4 chassis run pretty good box stock the tires on them are half way decent as well. You may wand to scuff them up a bit with some fine sandpaper or nail file.

Have you checked out the Nano Trax site. This guy has a very cool track in Thailand.

Anyway good to see you here on forums. Just curious where do you order you stuff from or do you have a source in India?