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2009.08.06, 05:03 PM
Hi Guys,

Any body have good tips to keep a MR015 from flipping in the corners? I'm new to the 015 and don't know much about its setup for RCP yet. Here is some info

Cassis: Stock 015 ASF, only bearings and carbon H-plate (mid). Stock motor.

Body: Skyline R32 (Unisia Jecs) offset: F+1 R-1, I guess

Tires: F Kyosho Slick 30's, R Kyosho Slick 20's

Type of surface: RCP, the less grippy side.

The biggest problem at the moment is the flipping. Anybody have the same experience with the 015? Any tips to help the handeling in general are also welcome.


2009.08.06, 05:18 PM
Try to put a little superglue on the outside sidewall of the front tires. This will help drastically with the flipping. After that, try to lower the car a bit.

A disc damper really helps a lot. Use somewhat thick grease to slow down the reaction.

2009.08.06, 08:15 PM
Honestly there are only 2 approaches:
-Use wide stance bodies. If you don't have a narrow soul like myself, this will be your best options.
-Drive very carefully such that you wouldn't flip. You won't be able to gun the car as much as an 02, but you'll get 5-10 gram of an advantage in weight.

2009.08.06, 09:12 PM
EMU and SKV have it right. If you are traction rolling, you can either turn in less agressively, widen your stance, or lower your center of gravity. Or some combination of the three.

Since turning in less agressively is usually not an option if you want to stay competitive, work towards lowering your CG.

If you don't mind running a different body which uses wider offset wheels, you can try that also, but that will increase the front wheels' scrub radius and make handling less responsive. That doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing however. Modifying the 015 chassis with EMU's front end which increases the track width to 02 specs could also be an option for you if you dislike increased scrub.

EMU is also correct in that damping can help in dissipating some of the car's tendency to roll. Try stiffer springs under the disc damper as well.

I would begin by lowering the car as much as possible. Shim under the knuckles, and potentially under the joint between H-plate and motor mount to reduce ride height.



2009.08.07, 12:15 AM
Right now, with the 015, I really like the Aston Martin DBR9. I had the Mazda 787b at 98mm before this one, and it had too much steering into the corner, and was loose coming out. I shaved off about .6s with the Aston. I ran it tonight with my tower bars and 1mm offset front wheels. Kyosho 20d front 20d radial rear.

I have gone through plenty of bodies for the MR015. The R32 Skyline isnt a bad one, but isnt on the top of my list. Have you removed the upper section of the window that is not visible from the outside? If not, definitely do that. Make sure that your wheels do not rub the body when suspension is fully depressed. Try taller travel limiters, with worn in tires front tires. The smaller the diameter, the better they will run... Worn in Kyosho 30 or Atomic 40 slick should be a good tire setup for the 015. I like PN white or Atomic orange ft springs.

My favorite 94mm setup is the ferrari f355 shaved out to 94mm. Next would be the 350z or

Does this have to be an 015 specific body? Or can you use any body? Try the F50 if you have one. I have seen very good results with it. The lower wide bodies work very well on the 015. If you can use the wider bodies, with the MR02 width conversion tower bar set, it really adds a lot to stability and precision instead of wide offsets.

Is there a track in Amsterdam? How is the racing scene around there?

2009.08.07, 03:32 AM
Thx for all the great tips guys, I'm at the office now so I'll get going on them when I get home.

Yep, I have a track in Amsterdam, but all are welcome to race on it :) I guess there is around 8-10 Z-ers in and around amsterdam. We had our first race a couple of months a go, stock class with LM's.

I'll post some pics tonight if you guys are interested.


2009.08.07, 05:57 AM
I'll post some pics tonight if you guys are interested.
please do... :D

flat 4
2009.08.09, 06:34 PM
the 15 is not what I call a high speed chassis. the CA glue on the side walls iwll help out alot. The thing to remember is where the is good on the track. I found the 02's would pull away from me in the high speed section's of the track. But in the tighter sections of track I could easly close the gap. At low/mid speed I found the 15 handles very well.

2009.08.10, 02:13 AM
The 015 can handle well at higher speeds... just takes an overall less grip setup to an MR02. My 015 turns the same laptimes and amount of laps to my MR02 with 70t motor. I have run faster motors, and prefer the ATM Standard. Plenty fast (not as fast as a Speedy 07), and very smooth linear power band. It offers more drag brake, which is why I prefer it to the Speedy 07. I am faster with the Race USA than I am with a Speedy 07 and the 70t. 70t has too much drag brake, and less speed than the ATM Standard. The stock Kyosho motor has decent speed when geared right, but low torque, so your speed really comes from the corner speed. The motor has very little drag brake... so you have to either use brake, or let off a little earlier before you enter the corner.

The 015 is a car that you want to enter smooth into the corner, and power out hard. It handles best when you drive it on throttle. Brake/coast straight, as you turn in ease onto the throttle a little, then when you have passed the apex, and start exiting the corner, get on the throttle hard until the next corner. Giving just the amount of throttle for the car to maintain the speed through the turn, and applying full throttle at the exit. Never release throttle as you are entering the corner. You can reduce throttle, but you want to slow the car down before you start the corner. I rarely go off throttle completely unless I am using brake on the end of a straight.

2009.08.10, 04:36 PM
Thanks again for all the good stuff guys, I instaleld a atomic DPS and slapt on some DPS grease + harder front tires and that helped a bit already. I'm also starting to experiment with the ICS and will see if there are settings that will help to make the car handel smoothly and help with the flipping issue.

I promissed to post some stuff from our club and event, you'll find em here:

Event (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=356856#post356856)

Track (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=356857#post356857)

I'm planning to do soem decorating and get a track extention as soon as possible, I will update the treads then.


2009.08.10, 04:45 PM
i set up my 015 like this

atm ver5 98mm mount
atm disc damper,1000wt oil,atm green spring top and bottom
atm 1* front knuckles
atm blue front springs
atm med H-plate
atm +1 toe bar
mclaren f1 gtr body
+2 front, +3 rear rims
atm rcp 8* rear, atm slick r 30* fronts (rounded sidewall)

one of the best handling cars ive owned,why i sold it i dont know:rolleyes:

2009.08.13, 11:04 AM
I'll definitely try a wide 15 once I'm bored of my narrow 02 lol. Yes, I just have to do things backwards lol.