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2009.08.07, 06:25 AM
I am selling my very competative MR02 that has placed me 21st, 20th and 24th over the last few HFAY seasons, as well as aiding my victory in the SMZR club championship last year.

It's a very well setup car and has won a significant amount of the races its entered.

All in all, it contains the following parts, pre-installed:

Ball Diff - Atomic, Blue ($25.60)
Adjustable Motor Mount (RM) - Atomic, Blue ($18.30)
3* Knuckles - Atomic, Blue ($18.60)
Option Springs - Atomic
Full Bearing Set - Atomic ($6.60)
Alloy Wheel Nuts - Atomic, Black ($3.30)
Kyosho Gold Terminal Chassis ($18.40)
Medium SSG Plate - Atomic ($6.80)
Polished King Pins - Atomic ($6.00)
Total cost of parts: $103.6 / 63.51

You will also be receving the following parts, unistalled:

Kyosho X-Speed Motor (9.70)
Atomic Spur Gears (to match the diff) ($2.60)
Optional RM Extras and mount parts
Total cost of parts: 11.25

Total total value of parts (not including the car itself!): 74.76

This car seen a significant amount of money and time and I took care of it with great pride. You will not find an ounce of super-glue or a single crack on the entire car.

It's in excellent condition and can be yours for 100 or 105 posted. I'm also open to offers...

Please see the images attatched...

Thanks for looking!