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2009.08.07, 08:02 PM
trying to remove stock front tires, what gives? is there a method to f-1 tires?
this is the only mini that is giving me tire removal issues.
i can't seem to remove my front tires. they only move very little, are they glued? i have not even tried the rears....

then the follow-up ? mounting new tires. the tire i have ready to go are
kyosho 20 grooved rears and atomic 30grooved fronts. is there a method to installing these tires?straight?

i have used ca tire glue on my other mini-z, do you do the same for f-1?

2009.08.07, 09:05 PM
the stock F1 tires can be a pain to get off, especially if they are old and a bit stiff. definately take the wheel off the car, just so you don't break the knuckle. I had a pair that required quite a bit of force to get off. the new softer tires should go on/off much easier. I'm not sure about tape/glue for F1 tires. I'm sure someone else will chime in on that.

2009.08.08, 12:31 PM
jut cut them off with a razor blade , your never gonna b able to use them anyway!

2009.08.08, 12:54 PM
I agree with Mantis. Cut them off, dont warp the wheel trying to remove them.

I use double sided tape on the main area of the tire, and glue the bead where it meets the wheel.

You may get a little too much front bite, so you may want to run the glue up the front sidewall to reduce some traction. Even the ATM 40d have too much bite for me.

I like Kyosho 20 in the rear, and either Kyosho 20/23/25 slicks, or PN 15 in the front depending on track conditions.

2009.08.10, 11:17 PM
Oh yeah--the front tires are really tuff for some reason. I was able to change the rear no problem-- and definitely take them OFF the car to avoid any damage.