View Full Version : mr02 servo pins set?

2009.08.08, 02:03 PM

Every once and a while I come up with a stupid question or two...

Anybody know where I can find a servo pin set for the MR02? I want to build up two cars i have sitting in bits but I can't figure out how to rebuild my servo gears on the housings...

2009.08.08, 02:35 PM
you will need one of these pt# mz8-3


and you will need two of these pt# mz205


part mz8-3 gives you two short, two med. and brass spacers for two cars, and then you have to buy two of mz205 to get two of the long shafts and plastic bits.(an mr-01 only used the short and med shaft and brass spacer, while the mr-02/015 use the short,med, and long shaft and brass spacer) I hope that makes sense. I also know that if you happen to have an old overland or mr-01 chassis with an intact servo, that they use the same short and med shafts and should also have the brass spacer. i'm not sure what you could salvage from an F1 or awd servo as i've never taken one apart yet. i hope that helps


2009.08.08, 05:16 PM
Thanks Bob....spending more money as we speak.:rolleyes::D