View Full Version : Sunday 16th August Race Meeting

2009.08.10, 04:18 PM
Due to 4 members being on holiday :rolleyes:,1 male modelling until 4pm :eek: and 1 giving up with a "hobby money" shortage :confused:, the remaining 2 members will have to race at my house.

Back Garden Marquee
24 Merrivale Road

From 1300hrs to 2000hrs (shorter then normal to please the missus)

2.00/racer including hot dogs, newcomers free.

Racing Mini Zs, Xmods, Iwavers and Mini Z F1's.

Club Champs first up, then HFAY Season 8 Races 3 & 4 (Racer & F1 series). finishing the evening with a "night " race.....so bring your light kit bodies.

Practice will commence at one o'clock on the dot....the track, computer, timing & sound systems will already be set up.

At the end of the evening....its pack your boxes and go.... No track to pack up in fact nothing to pack up.

The only downside will be that the track is restricted to "2 wide L's" and no separate practice track.

The club shop will be there for those emergency bits.

Bring your own food & drink, although hot dogs are included in the entrance fee.