View Full Version : How long is D part?? (for antenna bending)

2009.08.10, 07:11 PM
How long is D part?? (for antenna bending)

i can't seem to find it anywhere in my manual or either i'm blind...

2009.08.10, 08:32 PM
It depends on what body you run. The distance between the antenna mount on the chassis and the antenna hole on the body,is the 'D' measurement.

2009.08.11, 01:29 AM
what body do you have?

2009.08.11, 12:20 PM
i don't have a body yet. I only have my chassis and can i just bend the antenna so its inside the body?

i was thinking of putting a Subaru WRX body

2009.08.11, 12:34 PM
You can bend it around,inside the body,but reception will be terrible! :)