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2002.06.23, 11:36 PM
What would anyone recomendas far as motors and also does the motor bearings help?

2002.06.24, 02:25 AM
Motorbearings are great for both speed and torque! Go for it!

2002.06.24, 07:51 AM
in my opinion... the best commercially available motor that is well balanced would be the x-speed... however if you're into tinkering with things, you could modify some tamiya mini 4wd motors and put them in your mini-z... note: do not put them on your car without a turbo!!! or else you can kiss your mini-z good bye and give it to me hehehehe... since it will burn your esc...

bearings do help a lot... as much as 20-30% better efficiency i've read somewhere... hope this helps...


2002.06.24, 08:01 AM
Quite a few people are insistant on tamiya motors. What is the reasoning for this instead of an Xspeed? Is performance or price?

2002.06.24, 12:22 PM

I think it all relates to price.
Another factor is that those Tamiya motors look really nice.
Perhaps it's an asthetic thing?

2002.06.25, 12:10 AM
well... i guess it is price related since tamiya motors are relatively cheaper, compared to the x-speeds...

not that i've tried it though... once equiped with a turbo you can try out different tamiya motors since they do have different kinds of motors... you'll have to change the tamiya brushes though, and add capacitors...

just got the gpm 38,800 rpm motor haven't tried it just yet... heard some good things about it...

then there are other motors... i really want a nml motor and mzr.com motor... really bad...

2002.06.25, 01:06 AM
We have some experience to using Tamiya's motor, we have changed to use Carbon Brush for those Tamiya's motor. See this link for the testing result: http://miniz.hk.st/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=15

2002.06.25, 08:45 AM
i really want a nml motor and mzr.com motor... really bad...

Herman, did you get our most recent email?

2002.06.25, 04:26 PM
Ive heard the mini z motors are great but i just cant seem to find one :(

2002.06.26, 12:00 AM
mr. mini-z

just got your letter... will reply soon... thanks!!!

2002.06.26, 09:03 PM
Ive heard the mini z motors are great but i just cant seem to find one

Patience, they'll be available again soon! :)

2002.06.30, 05:12 AM
Originally posted by mini-z

Patience, they'll be available again soon! :)

Please don't forget us (the less frequent forum posters)! We'd love to give your motors a try! ;-)

2002.06.30, 12:27 PM
hey diego...
donut and i plan to group buy some stuff from mr. mini-z wanna join in?

2002.06.30, 02:45 PM

Just let me know the details. I'm in!