View Full Version : August 23rd?.... anyone?

2009.08.11, 01:48 AM
Testing... testing... 1... 2... 3?

A lot of cobwebs in this forum!

Yes, I still have a track in my basement... and we do still race here occasionally. ;) We are shooting for the 23rd this month so if you are planning to make it out, let us know by posting.

Usual time... 10am until whenever.

If you need directions, PM me.

2009.08.11, 05:08 AM
Ill be there.:)

2009.08.17, 04:36 PM
John said he should be able to make it.;)

2009.08.18, 11:23 AM
Yea, I had to brush of the cobwebs as well haha. Like larry said, I'll be there. Definitely cheaper and less time consuming than the Battle @ The Bowl. I'll be sure to be there early this time ;-)

2009.08.18, 04:16 PM
Gasman might make it as well... Blue D is a long drive. ;)

The day has finally come... I still can't believe Bootsie is giving up the Bowl, but with their regulars heading out to other tracks, I guess they have no choice. I wish we had a "Bowl" type track up here in Reading... but those days are probably numbered.

Looks more and more every year like the Z may be the only form of racing around here someday! (unless I get rid of my track! :eek:;))

2009.08.18, 07:57 PM
Whoa.. actually I did not know they were closing down!! That is TERRIBLE news! Man.. I really need to find a way to get all my s#*$ together for this.. Might be one LONG weekend, but I really am going to miss that place.

It definitely is harder these days to have the upkeep, but with limited hours like the bowl did, and the dwindling numbers I can see why it was hard for them to keep up. I felt bad because of other limiting factors this summer I had, since I only got to run TC twice. Plus all the rainy days we had! It's weird to think that TC is starting to become smaller and smaller every year!

This is why I'm glad to be done with school in the fall.. I can focus on this again. I definitely want to help keep our track going!!

2009.08.18, 11:33 PM
I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon, I just wish we could get some more racers around here. Maybe winter will bring some around.

Which actually surprises me about the Bowl... they always seem to get racers around wintertime, I guess it's just not enough this time around. :(

2009.08.19, 06:10 PM
Hey Ed, can the Core be set-up for practice time, to see your lap times with different cars?

2009.08.19, 06:10 PM
We also should find another, less bumpy spot to set the Core up.;)

2009.08.21, 03:13 PM
Might try to nip at some tiles with the dremel to get the counter embedded. yeah, no problem setting up the timer.

2009.08.21, 05:31 PM
Ed, thats what i was thinking with core. Get it in the tile instead of on cardboard.;):D

Old Crow
2009.08.21, 05:45 PM
Can't make it this weekend. But will want to race again soon and try out this F1. Why I'm doing another class is beyond me, I don't have time for what I have. Always want to give it a try though...

Sorry to hear about the Bowl, never like to hear about R/C places closing down.

2009.08.21, 08:41 PM
Carl, Ed can help with your F-1. Glad to see you made it to Majs last week.