View Full Version : mini-z and slot cars

2009.08.14, 07:37 PM
Not sure where this thread should be, so feel free to move it at some point.

I'm looking at setting up a slot-car club in my shop, but also looking at using the same slot car track to run a mini-z club. It wouldn't be a HFAY thing, as Stafford already has Brian's club, but just something of a club thing as a mess about to be honest. Anyone know if this would work or be a complete disaster?

2009.08.23, 04:08 PM
this is the post you mentioned Bri, as you can see, there's been an abundance of replies lol

2009.08.23, 09:25 PM
There was a guy in San Jose, CA that ran Mini-z's on his slot car track. I never saw it though.