View Full Version : PNWC 70 Turn Motor Question

Mr. Hobby
2009.08.16, 04:28 PM
Can you change the magnets to a stonger one for better performance(inside the motor can)?Will it improve or not worth it?I have extra magnets but not sure if it will make a difference.

2009.08.16, 05:52 PM
You can use neo mags, you will get more tourqe but more drag also. It will also help the motor run cooler because they will help the motor spin up faster.

2009.08.16, 09:27 PM
I dont really think it will help. You will lose any top end that the motor has, which is little already... You will have to gear it up very high, and when you let off throttle, the car will have a lot of drag brake.

2009.08.17, 12:28 AM
I'm not sure you take one apart without destroying it. I tried once and it seemed I would ruin the endbell. So I stopped. The endbell seemed to be purposefully made that way.

Davey G
2009.08.17, 09:03 AM
Dont bother, if you are caught with it being tampered you will be labeled a cheater. ;)