View Full Version : Race event Sept 5 HFAY

2009.08.17, 05:39 AM
Saterday august 15
This will be the 3nd race of hfay season 8. 10AM start. practice open at 9:00 AM LETS RUN 1 qualifers and a main in each direction. 1 hour practice break between directions. Finish time will be around 12:30

russ house
HFAY MR02 with 70turn motors PN/HFAY both OK.
price $5 per car

The Lap timer is I lap with giro Z connectors with rc scoring pro trial version keeping the score. 5 minute Qualifiers with 8 minute mains w stagger starts.
Open practice will be timed for tuning.
I will provide the velcro and giroz plug for the transponders.

2009.08.22, 02:55 PM
Just placed an order in the shop here. Getting a replacement wing for the F1, two sets of batteries, and the T-bars/H-plate to fix Jaren's car. He was doing pretty good last time so with some practice he should be able to race with us.

2009.09.02, 09:10 PM
I just rebuilt my duracell 30minute battery charger. all the powers wire had burned of the insulation:) I am looking forward to racing this saterday. I need a break from this closing the deal on the house. My closings are tuesday and things are still in flux. My car is ready to go:)

2009.09.03, 06:42 AM
The cheap aluminum RM mount I got for Jaren's car does not hold the motor tightly enough. Looks like I'm going to have to JB Weld it in there to keep things right.

2009.09.04, 07:41 PM
Still planning on tommorrow same time. I'm running behind schedule as usual so hopefully I will have it cleaned up by the time you guys get here. I have it setup, just need to vacuum and move some stuff out of the way.

2009.09.07, 08:30 AM
Sorry for missing the race this weekend. I completely missed that the race was this weekend. The first post still says Aug 15. I plan on being there next month.

2009.09.07, 10:31 AM
russ i review your laps and you ran 67 laps in both races.

Billy we recruited russ's son Jaren to race with us for the first time.

He did great for his age and it being his first race

Russ We forgot the transponder in Jarens car. I you can just pull it out and put it up till the next race. You figure out what is wrong with you power lead?

2009.09.07, 10:37 AM
I'll pull it out and put it on the shelf.

Hey, email me your phone number and when you will be moving (day you plan to have the u-haul).


2009.09.07, 10:48 AM
We were suppose to closed tommorrow and move this week. The buyers on my house may pull out completely now so we may be back at square one :(
Our agent told them to go look at houses for the price there mortgage company said my house was worth. All they will find is single wides. My mortgage company told them she would do their loan and close in a week so its up to them. I am already back to painting and maintaing our house in spotless condition again.

2009.10.07, 08:16 PM
I own 2 houses right now(hopefully the old house is gone next week) and I am back from vacatioin
In the new house I can only get a 9x9 track down right now. It is short ~5 inches for a 10x10 track. I need to replace a 17 foot wall in the basement with a steel beam to open up the rc room. Anyone know a structural engineer that will do some work on the side? once open the rc room will fit a 18x9-10 tile track.

Russ when do we want to run the next HFAY race the 31 or 24?
We can run it in my new garage or your basement again?


2009.10.15, 12:17 PM
Hope the old house is now gone.

Looks like only the 31st is going to work for me this time. We can use my basement again (keep warm :) )

2009.10.16, 08:25 PM
31st sound good to me

I sold/closed on the old house today. It's now off my hands. Things worked out ok as we cleared a few $K more then we were going to last time.

Now to start working on the new house. Do you have patricks number? I am curious if he knows a decent structural engineer in the area. I know he flipped a few houses so he may know one.