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2009.08.17, 07:20 PM
Bobbyz listed an enzo MR-02 in the marketplace, and I just paypal'd the funds!!


I'm planning on starting with some tires and a bearing set. I'll see how I do with it in that configuration and then look at other upgrades..

Any recommendations?


2009.08.17, 08:14 PM
congratulations! that is a good car to start with.

2009.08.17, 08:21 PM
I would recommend going to a track near you, and see what they use on their cars.

For a case setup, I recommend:
bearings, tires (Atomic 8d wide rear and AW40 front works at a lot of tracks), kingpins, spring set (ATM orange/blue, or PN white/purple), Kyosho MM t-plate set, 98mm Disc Damper for the Enzo that you have. You should probably get wheelnuts as well. This should run you about $60-70...

Those upgrades will make the biggest difference. After you get used to the way that the feels, and get a lot of practice, then you can upgrade to a faster motor (I recommend that you use the stock one for a while), cambered knuckles and a ball diff (which needs to be tuned to the surface and the motor you are using).

In general, prepping a car to race is less about what parts are on the car, and more about how they are installed on the car. When you go to the track, try to have some of the faster drivers or track owner look over your car and give it a test drive. Just to make sure that everything is how it should be.

Do you have any racing experience? Do you have batteries and a charger yet?

If you need new batteries, I recommend Team Scream Racing 900, Orion 900, R1Wurks 990 and TRP 900. They are very close in performance. My favorites being the Team Scream and Orion, since you can run them more cycles in a day with less effect on their performance.

For a charger, I recommend the LaCrosse BC-700/900 and Powerex MH-C9000 as a starting point. You can analyze your batteries. There are more advanced chargers designed for larger battery packs that can be used with these cells, but I dont think they are necessary unless you are at an A main level, looking for every small advantage.

Right now focus on getting a good base setup for the car, and running many laps of practice and races. That is the most important thing you can do to get better.

2009.08.17, 11:07 PM
EMU, from personal experience I'll beg to differ about the charger. Wizard and its likes are an overkill for a beginner and I say the best bet is Maha MH-C800S for the following reasons: charges both AA and AAAs at optimal safe rates; has 8 slots aka 2 car sets and 1 full TX set per charge cycle that can really bail a new driver out on the race day; no need to fiddle with setting each battery. I'm tryin to sell my Wizard to get one of these because I'll never really use refreshing and analyzing features- its easier to buy new batteries after a while than try and keep them alive frantically.

2009.08.17, 11:14 PM
I am in Brooklyn, so I am going to check out the local tracks. I know there are tracks in Queens, Staten Island, and in BK.

I do have a charger and some NiMH AAA's, but they are just standard ones I've had around for various applications. This will be something I need to get before I can really spend much time at the track, I suppose.

Considering I've never even driven a Z before I am cautious about my used car as I don't know what I'm looking for. I will ask for others to drive it, that is a great idea.

I have a fair amount of experience racing actual cars/gokarts, and I have bashed RC's for years. My RC car control is decent, but I don't have much practical experience setting cars up. I've read a ton over the last week about Z's and their setup; so I have a base to work from.

My plan is to do the bare minimum and just run it. Tires and Bearings; then do mods as I see the need.

2009.08.18, 12:13 AM
I think you're heading in the right direction...it's always best to start fresh and figure out how one part at a time changes the driving characteristics of the mini-z.

Emu has listed some good advice on future items and i think you're in his neck of the woods (Maj's Hobby sound familiar to you?) so you'd be smart to make an effort to check out their race scene...

Good luck with it.;)

2009.08.18, 12:15 AM
Also, I'd consider just getting PN 90mm Midmount since it comes w/ damper disk system and all you'd need is a slightly shorter body. Normally mounts tend to be $30 and DDS $20 so you'd save at least $10 by getting that mount/dds combo.

2009.08.18, 01:03 AM
I run around on RCP so I use PN Parada 6's in the rear and PN 10's in front. PN makes tires for carpet and RCP tracks. <--Heads up! If your staying with the Enzo or any 98mm wb body and you were inclined to get some shiny pieces. I would recommend PN's LCG V4. But you really don't need the shiny bits. A good diff, springs and assortment of knuckles (different camber). Should keep you busy and smiling for a while. :D

2009.08.18, 01:16 AM
Having the ability of knowing what the voltage of the battery as it finishes charging is important, at least at my level... Which is why I recomended the chargers that I did. Also being able to cycle them and see what the capacity is to sort them into sets. The MH-C800 is a good charger as well.

Cowboy, I rarely race at Maj's. Its hard for me to get transportation out there. I normally race at Action RC and at NYRC. I will be at NYRC on Tuesday eve... And probably Action on Saturday.

The 90mm PN mount comes with a damper plate, but does not include post, springs or discs... so, I dont really see any benefit, especially when running at 98mm, and will have to shave out a lot more of the body for clearance. My choice would be a 94mm MM mount, so there are more options in body choice in the long run...

2009.08.18, 09:41 AM
Thanks for the ideas everyone.

Skv012a That 8 cell charger looks like it would be great to have.. Waiting to pop batteries in is a total pain.

I haven't been able to find out how the damper plates effect the Z's. I assume it is to resolve chatter or hop of some kind; right?

I'm hearing about motor mounts a lot; is that a key upgrade? The benefits as I understand them are heat dissipation, lower CG, and fine grained gear mesh.

2009.08.18, 01:00 PM
You can also find good stuff on these websites:

www.reflexracing.net and of course my site. ;) Good luck and have fun!

2009.08.18, 01:52 PM
I don't know what your budget is like, but Reflex Racing has a great program for noobies and professionals. They have a handy stage 1,2,Pro upgrade kit's for the MR02 cars. I don't know if they have anything like that for the AWD yet, but I think they were working on it. Stage 1 consists of the very basics needed to give the car a good racing set up. Stage 2 adds more components, and the pro-level combines the first two plus more. I'd definitely look into Reflex for upgrades. Plus, they have great tutorials as well.

2009.08.18, 05:18 PM
Thanks for the ideas everyone.

Skv012a That 8 cell charger looks like it would be great to have.. Waiting to pop batteries in is a total pain.

I haven't been able to find out how the damper plates effect the Z's. I assume it is to resolve chatter or hop of some kind; right?

I'm hearing about motor mounts a lot; is that a key upgrade? The benefits as I understand them are heat dissipation, lower CG, and fine grained gear mesh.

Disk damper basically smooths out any rear hopping, much better than just a top shock since it can react in full 360*. I also find it as a better rear end support than the top shock to help the hplate with the load.

2009.08.18, 05:28 PM
Disc damper slows down the rear end travel. Making it smoother, and reduces chatter, and improves grip.

I would prefer 2x BC-900 chargers ($40 each on Amazon) compared to 1x MH-C800S (about $60). The BC-700 charger ($30 on Amazon) is identical to the BC-900, but limited to 700mA charge rate. The BC-900 can charge 1000mA, 1500/1800mA with only 2 bays in use which is better for AA...

I use a Duracell 30 minute charger to do the main charge, and top the cells off in the BC-900. The MH-C800 is not a bad charger, I just prefer having the LCD, for charging and cycling the cells so you know they are in good condition. It takes a lot of the guess work out of it.

In addition, the car is faster with batteries charged on the LaCrosse at 500mA than the MH-C800S at its fast rate (which is 750mA). So, in my opinion, it is a much better charger for racing purposes. All of these chargers are not targeted towards RC racing, but work pretty well for our purposes. Everyone has their own opinions about what is the best, and some are better for certain needs more than others.

2009.08.19, 10:36 AM
Great info for a beginner in this thread..

2009.08.24, 10:19 PM
The car has arrived!

The following images are just to finish off this thread. If you want to follow the buildup into a stock class racer head over here: http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=32470