View Full Version : AWD suspension set up for Subaru WRX STI

2009.08.18, 08:45 PM
Hello there. I'm wondering if this item from Atomic,http://www.egrracing.com/shop/awd-ssg-sas-pro-kit-vii-9498mm-wb-ssg-edited-p-2656.html
will work with the Subaru WRX STI body? And will it help prevent flipping? Thank you!

2009.08.18, 09:17 PM
yes it will prevent most of the rollage and it should work w/ the subaru body ;)

2009.08.19, 07:11 AM
^ Is the WRX 90mm? If so, youll need an adapter for converting the length of that kit down. Its made to run at 94 and 98, per the description.

2009.08.19, 07:40 AM
that will help to a degree,there are more important things to try first though:)
lower the front with the supplied spacers
grease the diffs
medium springs(not lowdown)
camber knuckles(1 front,2 rear)
harder front tyres

2009.08.19, 09:57 AM
Thank's guy's. I'm not sure what wheelbase the WRX is. I just know that previously those type cars were prone to flipping.
I'm just doing homework for now before I think about spending money.
I do like the way that suspension kit look's and it look's very trick indeed. But I don't want it to look good if it doesn't work. It's gotta be functional and solve my issues.
The only AWD I had that never flipped no matter how fast I went was when I had the At@mic Mods AWD with the extended kit and the Mercedes-Mclaren sports car on it.
However, I'd like to build an AWD without using the extension kit and specifically the Subaru body.

2009.08.19, 11:14 AM
The wheelbase for the STi is 90mm and has 0-offset wheels and their narrow.

MK2Kompressor is right.Tune it with whats supplied first and see what type of driving your going to be doing before you go BIG with the SAS kit. You can also try some wheel shims.

I use a STi body from time to time and I found that buying the multi offset wheels for the AWD. Running 0 wide in the rear and 1 narrow up front helps this one body out alot.

2009.08.19, 12:45 PM
ive tried fitting that kit to my subaru and it wont fit with the 90mm chassis length. the only one i found to fit is the older version as the bottom plate is the wrong shape. although you could modify it to fit


2009.08.19, 12:56 PM
Guy's, this is the model I'm talking about. This is one I used to have a while back and I'd like to get another one some time. http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g184/marq74/DSC07613.jpg

Also, I'm curious about the Limited Edition assembly kit. Does it come with alloy wheel nut's as well? or does it come with the standard plastic junk?