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2009.08.18, 09:09 PM
I'm going to order some HFAY motors from Brian in the USA in the next month or so.

I have to order 25 at a time, so if anyone this side of the Atlantic (UK and Europe) wants one, please let me know asap, as the earliest I will be ordering will be approx 4 weeks from now.

Approx price will be something like 8-10 each plus postage. The more I order, the better the price I'll get and so on.

2009.08.18, 11:34 PM
give me a heads up before you are ready, I'll make sure I have what you need in stock.


2009.08.19, 02:44 AM
It'll be about 4 weeks before I have the money Brian.

There'll be a link thing on my website for anyone to buy later today, or if it's ok with Brian, just add your name to this thread and let me know how many. I think I'll be the only one in the UK / Europe to have them for a while, as I don't think Matt is getting any for a while, while he's doing his own thing.

2009.08.19, 04:12 AM
As in the very latest motors?

2009.08.19, 04:16 AM
You'd have to ask Brian on that score Tom.

2009.08.19, 05:08 AM
Details now updated on my website.

2009.08.19, 05:09 AM
we may get some with you just for stock purposes (we still want to promote HFAY here) just dont know when ill be ready to order:confused:
got so much going on with B.E.R.T at the mo;)

2009.08.19, 05:16 AM
np Matt, I'm looking at the 14th September, so just let me know before then if you want any.

Still got them Much-More cells you wanted at the shop.

2009.08.19, 05:19 AM
ooh i forgot those,ill have them on sat/sun:)

2009.08.19, 01:53 PM
As in the very latest motors?

yes, it's the version 2 motor can with replaceable brushes.

2009.08.19, 02:30 PM
I'm just asking 'cos I've just gone brushless (or am about to). Are there any plans for Mini-Z to go brushless or would the price have to come down considerably for that to be a reality?

2009.08.21, 12:12 PM
I'll only be ordering any motors if I get orders for 10 or more before the 13th September.

2009.09.04, 05:51 PM
i want one! :)

2009.09.05, 09:05 PM
thanks, 1 down, 9 to go.

2009.09.06, 11:41 AM
when will they arrive?
just wondering if i can buy/pick it up at the meet this month :)

2009.09.06, 04:42 PM
nagh, won't be for then, and will only be ordering them when I've pre-sold ten of them, which looks like it isn't going to happen now.

2009.09.06, 04:47 PM
4 down, 6 to go, Tom, I'll make sure they are the latest legal motors. Bri said they we're version 2, but I think they're upto V3 now.

I won't be ordering till the 13th / 14th September anyway, so should hopefully get them within 2-3 weeks after that.

2009.09.07, 04:56 AM
ahh right :)
well ill probably pre-buy one within the next couple of weeks (no money at the moment! :) )

2009.09.07, 03:47 PM
well if I don't get enough orders to make it worthwhile, I'll just put in a group order with Bri, and split the costs by however many motors are ordered. Ideally, you want one per car, and a spare or two.

2009.09.09, 06:21 AM
well count me as haaving two then :)

2009.09.09, 02:29 PM
Now upto 5. if you order them before the end of sunday, then you'll get them for 7.99 each, and I don't think you have to complete payment just yet, in fact I'd rather no one did till I got all the numbers, makes it easier if I don't order, and then don't have all the hassle of refunding people through Paypal, who cna be a right pain at times.