View Full Version : 3racing ball diff problems

2009.08.19, 02:04 PM
Hi all, I have a stock MR-015 with bearings. I just added a 3racing ball diff to the car and my car is very loud now. It sounds like a problem in the gear mesh. But I already checked and made sure I used the correct spacers and pinions for the motor mount. I am just wondering if the 3racing ball diff spur gear is another pitch and I need a specific pinion gear for proper meshing?


2009.08.19, 02:27 PM
it's possible the 3 racing came with a smaller spur, change the locators until mesh feels right, I'm sure someone here knows for sure.

2009.08.19, 05:47 PM
Thanks MikeL, I just tried messing around with the meshing and I have solved this problem. In the end I had to use a piece of paper as a spacer for it to mesh properly.:)

2009.08.20, 12:30 AM
Won't have this issue when you get an aftermarket mount.