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2009.08.19, 02:25 PM
I was thinking the other day about the points system again, and when I explained it, I think I made it sound more complicated than it should be, so, I think I've come up with a better solution than the one I suggested.

Score each race the same it is now, then, award points from finishing positions, so whoever finishes in overal first position on the day, gets 101 points, the next person get 100 or 99, the 98, 97, 96, etc.

Then, as not everyone can attend every meeting, you're best 7 scores count towards the championship. It also means, that no matter what we do or don't run on the day, how many classes or heats etc, you will always have a winner on the day, then 2nd and 3rd etc, but it also means that the points scoring system is a lot closer, meaning you have to be on your A-game more often.

2009.08.20, 06:02 AM
Thanks Sarah, this has been noted for next season. :)