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2009.08.22, 04:43 PM
Not sure if this will interest other people but I just got my parts in that I am going to use to build a data logger for my Mini-Z.

I am going to start out just logging the battery voltage and motor temperature during a race as my prototype then when I get that working I plan on adding amp draw and possibly acceleration. If other people are interested I can put the feature in the Flip Side Software so it is correlated to lap times. The data logging would be collected in nearly real time wirelessly instead of having to upload it after a race.

Here is a picture of the prototype transponder for this:

I may also be able to use these transponders for lap counting, going to experiment with a few ideas.

Is this something that would interest other people? What type of data would you see useful to be logged?

2009.08.22, 06:31 PM
who wouldn't be interested in this? ;) think of alll the graphing that could be done with this data to evaluate and compare drivers data.

2009.08.22, 08:42 PM
A lap by lap view of amp draw, voltage, motor temp, axle rpm, and an x-y accelerometer in a package small enough to fit a Z would be awesome. I may not have time to look at all this data but it would be fun to play with. Novak has a data logger but I believe it is a run and download device.

2009.08.25, 05:30 PM
This would stream the data during the race. So far from testing it looks like I could log data from 8 racers at the same time at 20ms resolution (50 samples per second).

If you had a team the pit person would be able to view the data real time. This setup would allow for multiple receivers.

X and Y acceleration info is doable, at 20ms resolution it may be enough to determine speed. Getting the RPM could be a challenge though. With all the different motor pods coming and the size I am not sure if I could use a hall effect sensor. I will have to research that more.

2009.09.14, 12:30 PM
I got to test this some this weekend when we had our race night for HFAY. I was able to get the battery voltage data from my car wirelessly. I need to work a little on adding filters to the circuit because the voltage level got noisy as I ran the car around but that should be simple to fix. Still a lot of work to do with hardware and software but my proof of concept run this weekend was very promising.

2009.09.14, 10:20 PM
WOW!!! Keep up the good work man.