View Full Version : Shout out from the past

2009.08.23, 09:59 PM
Hey everyone how's it going?

Long time since I've been on the forums but just wanted to let everyone know I'm moving back to Ann Arbor :eek::D:)

Once I'm back I'll see if I can make it out to an Ann Arbor GTG (new location?). Might not be a regular like before :( having 3 kids and all but I'll at least try to make an appearance to see what's going on.


2009.08.24, 11:24 AM
good to hear from you. Hope all is going well. good to hear you might get back into racing. :cool:

2009.08.24, 07:37 PM
NORMAN!!! Awesome!!! Can't wait to see ya man! We are at the Ypsi Riders hobby shop track (which has moved to carpenter rd near Kroger since you left). Keep an eye on the forums to stop by the soonest GTG you can! Bring the kids, I'm sure there are some racers in the bunch!


2009.08.24, 11:11 PM
welcome back hobbycar... your username does kinda ring a bell...

2009.08.27, 07:55 PM
Norman, can't wait to see you mate, when do you get here!? Let us know if you need any help as you get settled back in etc.! :)