View Full Version : Atomic Ball Diff's

2009.08.24, 06:20 AM
I've just put it the rear Atomic Ball diff, but it seems that the wheels (when in counter-turn) do not spin as freely as the standard diff did (friction?).
Is it meant to be like this or is it too tight or am i doing something wrong?
When i loosen it too much, the diff doesn't function properly, though it has much less friction! =[
Thanks :)

EDIT: I also noticed that when driving/drifting with it, when there is slip, when turning a corner, there is a lot of friction which is causing the motor to run slower when at full throttle - (i put my finger on one of the front wheels with the standard diff and no difference to performance, but when putting my finger on one of the rear wheels with the atomic diff, the motor sound suggested it was slowing down - due to friction).

2009.08.24, 07:16 AM
its meant to do that:)

2009.08.24, 07:56 AM
well that would make sense then!
i can't afford to get another diff til the end of the week, but where would you recommend i put the first one, on the front or rear?

2009.08.24, 01:21 PM
rear to start