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2009.08.25, 08:19 AM
What gears/motor mount would you recommend i have for a drift car, and which are recommended for racing? (Im talking in terms of the different Teeth gears you get with the RTR kits!)

2009.08.25, 08:40 AM

Generally on drift, a lower gear is prefered. 15/30 is the original one on the car and works well to drift.

For racing it all depends on the track and motor used. With my AWD stock motor I used to run on high gear. I went considerably down now, with the Stock R.

Typically I see if my motor don't get warm very quickly (if it's the case, I lower the gear to protect my car) and if the top speed is achieved somewhere around the first third of the straight.

A big motor and a big ratio doesn't mean you're faster on the lap. ;)

2009.08.25, 09:46 AM
ahh good advice, thanks for the tips :)

2009.08.25, 03:45 PM
for drifting;
stock motor 15/31 ,or something like a pn/atm awd stock 17/29 :)