View Full Version : New Magnetic pit mat's

2009.08.25, 05:35 PM
Hello. I'm wondering if anybody has seen these? They look like a new item and very handy for us racer's. They have micro-sized models for Dnano's, Mini-Z size's, and coming soon Jumbo sizes!

These are the best looking and most handiest work-mat's I've ever seen. They are very flexable, have a magnetic backing to keep screws from getting lost. Plus they have edges and removable lids for different compartments. You have your large size "compartment" which is your basic working station, and then you have several smaller ones for your parts. The company can make logo's for teams if desired, or even companies name brand on them as well per minimum order.
For example, if Mini-Z Racer wanted to sell these, they'd have to order at least 50 and they can get their name printed on these mat's and re-sell to us loyal customers.

Take a look and check'em out, they look really cool. I'm considering getting a few of these in various sizes.