View Full Version : How many battery sets, and Charger questions

2009.08.26, 02:51 PM
So I went to the track for the first time last night, and I now understand just how important the batteries and chargers are.

I'm planning on ordering a Crosse Technology BC-9009, but I saw that everyone was running two chargers, or a single 8x charger.

So my question is, will a single BC-9009 be able to keep up? If not, can anyone recommend a very inexpensive quick charger to use as the 2nd charger?

Also, how many sets of batteries are necessary? I'm planning on getting 3


2009.08.26, 04:06 PM
personally i dont like the lacrosse chargers they can overcharge (heat) batteries. Most racers who use them have a fan blowing on them.
If your battery overcharges it will weep acid and possibly damage the charger. Powerex chargers (maha) work the best.....
The 8 cell model is what i should of bought....
It will be perfect for racing. You need a few packs 3 or 4.
The trick is to charge your cells before you come and race. When you arrive you put them on the charger for a repeak so they will be topped off for racing. After you race you let the batteries cool then put them back in the charger. A typical 5 min race uses about 150mah of battery life (stock car)

Once you really get into it you will want to get a discharger....
this way you bring all the cells down so you can give them a fresh new charge. Doing this cycles the cells and trains them to behave in an a$$ kicking manner....As a beginning racer do you need to do it...NO
Doing this will help you win the a main.....

dont waste or spend a lot of money. Keep it simple and you will do just fine...