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2009.08.27, 01:42 PM

Anyone know how the mini-z might handle on a custome built MDF slot car layout? I have two MR02 cars but don't even have the kt-18 transmitters yet!

I am in the process of rebuilding my slot car track and wanted to be able to run the mini-z car right on top of the slot car track with no changes to the track.

Last year I had a pretty technical road course (slot car) but for several reasons it is now in the precess of redesign with the plan to run either slots or mini-z's.

I am going to revert back to a much simpler slot car track design so that the lane width and level of difficulty for the rc cars will be acceptable.

My two biggest questions are:

How wide a lane do I need for straights and hairpin corners?

I don't want to have to use RCP on top of the slot car track for several reasons. I wonder if anyone has tried to run a 'z' on mdf? My current track is mdf painted with exterior house paint. It seems pretty smooth and I wonder if it will be too slippery for the 'z' cars?

No matter what surface I end up with I need some ideas on lane width since I will without a doubt have the track set up on top of or over the slot car track.

Hope you guys have some thoughts and thanks!


2009.08.27, 01:48 PM
First question, what scale is your slot-car set? They come in HO "Hot Wheel-size", 1/32 scale, and 1/24 scale.
HO is out of the question obviously, duh!
1/32 maybe depending on how many lanes it has. Two lane might be two narrow, but could be cool if you've got a WRC type set-up where they race on narrow roads anyway.
1/24, no problem at all.
Surface? I've been wondering about the same thing but for my 1/43 scale Dnano's as they would be much better fit on a 1/32 scale track. However, I think it'll be too slippery unless you use tires meant for hard-surfaces. You could add grip to the track some how, but then it might not work for your slot's.
I would just use RCP as it is for the Mini-Z's, and wait till you get some Dnano's. The Dnano's would be a lot more fun to try on the slot-car set provided you have really good grip.
Other thing to consider, is the slot might be an issue with the cars as well.

2009.08.27, 01:49 PM
i am curious as to what mdf is can u post pics of track
and with the right tires you should be able to grip

2009.08.27, 02:01 PM
Ah, good questions-

The scale is 1/32 and 1/24 scale. I used the guts if an Carrera digital system abut created custome track with mdf.

mdf is Medium density fiberboard. It is used for things like cabinet construction and is similar to regular fiberboard but mdf is more dense and have a very smooth surface on both sides. It come is several sizes and thickness but common slot car layouts use 1/2 inch because it is readily available and home depot.

On my old layout I had made the lanes about 10" wide and it was a complete road course, no option for an oval. For the new design I plan on all the surface being flat and allowing for an oval but also putting an infield section in pace along with an 'L' leg to make for an optional road course or standard oval. I get some guys that prefer (drive better) on oval track layouts.

Back to the first observation - I would guess 10" is going to be WAY TOO narow even for a straight a way. I was planning on something like 20 - 24" straights and 24-36" corners.


2009.08.27, 02:13 PM
you could do 18 inches if thats all you had but it would be hecka narrow

2009.08.27, 02:41 PM
paint the mdf with bedliner... it is an epoxy paint so it will need to be done outdoors and can be picked up at any local spped shop.. the bedliner will have a granul finish to it which makes it slip resistant so it will create traction for you... it will be the same consistency as asphalt and you can probbaly get away with just running the autoscale tires that come with the bodies...

the local spped shop by me sells the bedliner product made by a company called herculiner... it is an roll on application and the kit comes with everything you need for i believe around 60 to 80 dollars... one kit will do the entire 6' bed of a pickup truck... and it rolls on relativily thin so it should create any problems for you...

2009.08.27, 02:42 PM
I did find some pictures and video of the OLD slot car track.

Keep in mind,this track is history and the new track is planned to be wider by a minimum of double to allow mini-z's to run on the same layout. The layout in the video is a 10" lane.


If that link doesn't work search on jimtheinstructor.


2009.08.27, 02:47 PM
MDF is going to be pretty slippery... Similar to hardwood floors. I'm sure you can do it, but I think you'll need to clean the track before you run to keep dust off the tires.

I'd guess very soft tires as well, or maybe foams. This thread has a funny suggestion (a wet towel as a pit stop to clean your tires) http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6530

2009.08.27, 03:30 PM
If you're worried about lane width, 24" throughout the course will be perfectly fine -- the Mini-96 only has about 20" lane width and you can still race comfortably on them, given a slower motor. And especially on MDF you're not going to have very high speeds, so you don't need a wide lane. :)