View Full Version : Gigawave Motorsports Aston Martin

Old Crow
2009.08.31, 05:26 PM
Not the best or most professional job. A little project I've wanted to do ever since the Aston's came out. This car can be seen on gigawave motorsports web page, under 2008 photo gallery archives.

Patto's decals, very good vinyl, sticks well, may just not the best color to put them on.

2009.08.31, 05:40 PM
Nice work Carl.

2009.08.31, 06:03 PM
Good looking car. Nice job. Pattos decals are the best.:)

2009.08.31, 06:47 PM
Carl very good job, including the colors. You know i like Pattos.;)

2010.01.21, 08:11 AM
nice work i have one of that bodies and i need ideas