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2009.08.31, 09:09 PM
does anyone know if the set of blue plastic knuckles are set at different camber? i ask as they came with no degree markings, but they appear to all be different. i know they came labeled with a1, b1 a2, b2 and so on. any info would be great.

2009.09.01, 12:13 AM
each number is the degree. i suggest marking them with a perm marker b4 you tear that tag off!! these are the smoothest knuckles out there especially with the stock kingpinz!

2009.09.01, 07:12 AM
well of course i did not mark them before i tore the tags off. i'll remember next time. do you recall what the degrees were? if im not mistaking they were a1, a2, b1, b2, c1, c2. so are they 3- 1* and 3- 2*? like you said they are the best i've found. i've had alot of problems with the pn delrin inserts and the atomic plastic break way to easy.

2009.09.01, 07:16 AM
the numbers are the degrees

2009.09.06, 02:09 PM
...these are the smoothest knuckles out there....

I agree with you 100% on this one Mantis:) The only thing is I've had mine get mixed-up with each other and now I can't figure out if I've got the same camber ones paired together:( Any tips on how to tell the degree of camber on these knuckles?